Anomalous Photos in Connection with Alien Abduction

Rash that appears  next to the tailbone on a female abductee shortly after her abductions. Note the pattern like raises All rights reserved, 2003

Note the pattern like raises, enhanced imagery used to count dots. All rights reserved, 2003


This is a negative images of the same picture. All rights reserved 2003


This is a manipulated  images of the same picture,  to show digital coloration the indents become clearer.

Photo of a friends foot who woke up with these scratches after an abduction. Sandy Nichols retains all copyright Info 2000

Same man who received clawed up makes in his sleep without waking up when they happen All rights reserved  2000

 Sandy Nichols retains marks after an experience in the bend of his leg. All rights reserved 2000


Another series of scratches on Mr. Nichols All rights reserved 2000



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