Abduction Marks Page Two


Abduction Marks - Photographs Page Two




To the Left - this small scratch showed up after I woke up, January 8, 2004. I have since gotten a new burn mark on the left side of my left index finger.

To the right  -It is barely visible , but shortly after an abduction  in 1994 I awoke to have a small scar on my right pinky. I will try to get a better shot of this with my web cam later.



 Left: Friend and fellow abductee Shar, had a mysterious bald spot develop in 1990. This is the original picture that. below I have enhanced the imagery slightly so you can see tha\e shape 

Above: Another head shot. I changed the contrast of the picture so the marking is more visible. Colleen

Above: The negative of the same image shows mark clearly.  This spot is still on her head after 14 years. I have known one other person who had a small pencil sized soft spot  develop on her head after an abduction experience

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