MAAR Abduction Survey

Privacy Statement: All information gathered is not sold, traded or used in and manor other than to use generic statistical data on abduction research. Your privacy is just as important to us and it is to you. 




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Pease explain why you think you have been abducted or suspect you have been.


Please choose one to each following question. Double answers are not aloud.

1. Have had missing time where you can't remember why?   Yes   No   NS (not sure)

2. More than one episode of missing time? Yes   No   NS

3. Anxiety or agitation over time lapses? Yes   No   NS

4. Popping sound either waking up, going to sleep? Yes   No   NS

5. Dreams of aliens, flying, or spaceships? Yes   No   NS

6. Dreams of being chased by animals? Yes   No   NS

7. Disaster dreams of earth changes, quakes, floods? Yes   No   NS

8. Memories that do not seem like they really happened? Yes   No   NS

9. Waking up to a loud noise, not getting up to investigate? Yes   No   NS

10. Other sounds either waking up, going to sleep? Yes   No   NS

11. Have you ever had a psychic experience? Yes   No   NS

12. Sore muscles without exercise or strain when waking up? Yes   No   NS

13. Feel like you are being watched at night frequently? Yes   No   NS

14. Dreams of being with aliens on their spacecraft? Yes   No   NS

15. Difficulty in seeing or reading UFO related material? Yes   No   NS

16. Uncomfortable with discussing the UFO subject? Yes   No   NS

17. Do you feel you have psychic or ESP ability? Yes   No   NS

18. Ever see ghosts or experience other paranormal activity? Yes   No   NS

19. See streetlights burn out often or have other electrical anomalies? Yes   No   NS

20. Hear a very high pitched noise in one or both ears? Yes   No   NS Both

21. Women: Frequent female problems? Yes   No   Pass I am a man

22. Men and Women: Urinary tract infections? Yes   No   

23. Men: Any problems with low sperm count? Yes   No   Pass I am a woman

24. Any scars, marks without remembering its cause? Yes   No   NS

25. Wake up frequently during the same time at night? Yes   No   NS

26. Do you have sleep disorders? Insomnia? Yes   No   NS

27. Abnormal fear of the dark? Yes   No   NS

28.Has the alien being Verge from the Cronos Galaxy been communicating with you? Yes   No   NS

29.Have you had a past problem with drugs, or alcohol? Yes   No   NS

30. Did the problem get worse after abductions started? Yes   No   NS

31. If drug or alcohol use changed significantly one way or the other please explain briefly.

32. Have you craved pasta with a garlic cream sauce since abductions started? Yes   No   NS

33. Have you been medically diagnosed with any of the following : (Check all that apply)

Chronic Fatigue   Brain Sleep Disturbance   Gulf War Syndrome

Fibromyalgia        Myofascial Pain Disorder   Epstein Barr

Unusual Bone formations in your neck, Back     physical conditions doctors cannot seem to diagnose

Other auto immune disorders

 Please explain below, include how long you have had any of the above illnesses - and if they have worsened

34.Your Gender?

35. What's your racial background?

36. If you think your heritage or race contributes to alien abduction please explain briefly. 

37. If you remember your abductions, have your experiences been negative or positive ?

38. Have others in your family been taken or had similar experiences as you? Yes   No   NS

38A.If yes to above question please explain if it's great grandparents, grandparents, siblings, parents, kids, etc.


39. How old are you?

36. How did you find MAAR web site?



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