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About LW Pollaro

L.W. Pollaro has been involved in the realm of the  anomalous research since her third birthday where she was born into the anomalous experience... having military and aerospace parents and Native American Scotch Irish and French bloodlines. She grew up in the prairies of Texas, went to private schools until high school.


She has a past in the advertising and media fields when assessing her then husband to run a media company and sound studio.. She went on to gain her Masters in Behavioral Sciences degree in 1981 and holds a Bachelors of Arts in both Psychology and a BA in English through SOSU In Durant, Ok.

L.W. worked in the mental health fields with adults and children with IDD disorders, then later worked for the State of Texas until she retired as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor IV specializing in mental health and addictions in 2015. She was the SME (subject matter expert) in her unit for both mental health and addictions.

She was mentored and friended by Barbara Bartholic for many years which gave her the inspiration to write on these subjects which gave Barbara her passion for her life work.

L.W. Pollaro abides in North Texas with her children and grandchildren and friends nearby.


L.W.  Pollaro's opinion about what could be occuring:  Coming Soon


Articles from L.W. Pollaro



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