Alien Stress Dolls 1997-2009



 I am currently not making My Alien dolls - I have been very ill and cannot sew at this time. But as soon as possible they will return  as  there has been a lot of demand for them!

Here is a picture to give you an idea what they look like, the next group will be completely bendable, and you'll be able to pose them!

Below are some fun pics to enjoy (Note caption below each pic....LOL)


(Repeating to  himself) I am Not seeing anything in the sky I am not seeing anything in the MUST  be an airplane! Can't anyone SMILE Dang it!!! All of you look like you need to be in therapy! At least she doesn't seem to mind long as she sews us herself... but live...NO WAY! She's been sewing so long, that she's starting to look like one of them!

YOU IDIOT!!! I said go get Mr. Lumpkin and Ms Putts, NOT Pumpkins and NUTS!! IT'S MAGIC!!!!! Pretty!!!!!...I wanna blow bubbles....but I got to go! WHHAAAAAAAAA! (one alien to another looking down on a human) You know they are really ugly things. All flesh colored and warm and naked ... Eeeeeeeeewwww! I really would prefer touching something with less orifices, something cold, like a BEER! Do YOU Hear my transmissions??? I am not leaving without these cute furry things....I think its called a MEOW! It keeps repeating that!


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