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Anomalous Photos: Page One


LEFT The Mainr files Orbs began appearing in a young mans home one evening out of the blue. 

These orbs have been captured on film without the contributors knowledge. The face of the woman seated had been hidden to protect her identity.  Both photos and negatives have been examined. this was taken with a inexpensive 35 millimeter camera, with automatic shutter focus. Note the semi reflection in the television screen. The young man nor female pictured saw orbs.

Right  Another shot of  the orbs, the male on the bed is the contributor and is same roll of film and camera. It is unknown who took photo. The mans face is blurred to protect his identity. 

The contributor of the next few photos is a personal friend of mine and an honest forthright person. Sandy meets with friends occasionally to investigate odd phenomenon. Photo was taken at a Confederate Cemetery in Tennessee with a 35 millimeter camera with auto focus. It looks like a spirit in a hat is manifesting.
Sandy Nichols also took this photo in a field near Murphysboro,  Tennessee. They call this area the 'Old Stone Fort' were a small military post used to be. Clearly some type of spirit (or possibly two spirits) is trying to manifest. It is taken with the same camera as the above image. Orbs are often captured in the field as well.



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