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 "Aliens can take us--our consciousness--out of our physical bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our consciousness to our bodies." The late Dr. Karla Turner




 Colleen Johnston has a expansive research interest as well as personal experience in all types of research and anomalous events including demonic possession, UFO sightings, abduction and the UFO cult phenomenon involving mind control and supernatural manifestations of channeled entities. She has been involved in on-going research for the last 45 years. Colleen is an investigative journalist dealing with varied anomalous topics such as UFO cults past and current - along with a myriad of paranormal subjects.

She was also the paranormal editor, as well as featured columnist on the staff of The Messenger Newsletter that was offered by Mater Dei Press offered by Kathleen Keating, in both E-Zine and hard copy.

Her column called, 'Reality Check - Surviving the Anomalous' which covered a broad array of anomalous topics including unusual weather, UFO's , alien abduction and other unusual information.

Ms. Johnston was also a staff writer for Strategic Jungle Syndicate, a daily Internet news service as she continues to write articles for various publications, web sites worldwide.

Colleen is featured in Volume Three of 'The Universal Seduction - Piercing The Veils Of Deception' - consortium of various authors who discuss a myriad of paranormal topics.

In 1998 Colleen was the driving force that helped to create and launch 'Nightsearch Paranormal Network which carried well known guests within various anomalous fields of research.  Guests topics included UFOs, Alien Abduction, crop circles, ancient mysteries, cults, hauntings' as well as demonic posession.The network so hosted a variety of other shows dealing with varied topics anywhere from herbal medicine, crop circles, psychic anomalies, cryptozoology, and so forth. The network ran via the Internet and radio station out of Memphis, TN, Anchorage, AK Tucson, AZ plus it was carried via satellite on the Daystar Broadcasting Network.

Colleen and co host E. Middleton did a nightly live show called 'Nightsearch' and the ' Specter Sector' with various well known guests of the era such as Will Thomas, Kathleen Keating, Nick Pope, Steven Quayle, Loraine Warren, Nancy Talbot and many more.

NSPN also carried a wide array of show hosts from all over globe dealing in an array of unusual topics.

The network was in operation until 2002. When the co-owner unexpectedly shut down the operation and unexpectedly moved it to another network leaving everyone bewildered.

Ms. Johnston also was an advisor to the six-week docudrama series, 'Taken' which dealt with both the UFO and alien abduction genres. It included military involvement and a massive cover-up. The series aired in the United States on ABC Network

She also has won an award for a poem called' Fragile Memories' picked as 'Editors Choice Award' by the Library of Poetry.

colleen has fought a very difficult road of cancer and is now healed from the disease and has returned to a state of wellness. She continues researching into the all topics of the anomalous, writing and does guest spots on radio and TV as well as  speaking engagements at conferences nationwide. If you'd like to have Colleen as a guest - for serious inquiries, email her at



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