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Thoughts on The Abduction Diaries

By Colleen Johnston © 2003


In May 2002, I was asked to participate in a Sci-fi docudrama, which was produced in conjunction with The Sci-fi Channel series ‘Taken’. The producers of Nakedeye Productions chronicled the lives of six abductees who were having abduction experiences. One of my close friends and associates Sandy Nichols asked me to at least give it a shot.

I normally wouldn’t allow myself to be filmed discussing abduction agendas, much less my personal experience unless it was going to be portrayed in the appropriate light. I believe we who know what it’s like to be abducted have a responsibility to help others get through it and that Abduction Diaries would be a good venue to do it in.  I, because of the delicacy of the subject am very cautious and have turned down several projects before because there’s been too much slick sidedness on behalf of producers of various forms of media to take the abduction account and manipulate it into something it’s not. With a great deal of hesitancy I agreed to the interview, knowing it would possibly be rejected.

My experiences, with screen memories removed had been extremely unpleasant and what I have gone through doesn’t leave a pretty picture in the mind. Before the interview, I had an experience that produced what appeared to be burns all over my arms and legs – not on my torso, neck of face but strangely not on the backside of my body. It sincerely looked like a chemical burn but it didn’t burn or itch on the surface. Subsequently while the crew filmed others during the weekend stay, I awoke with severe bruising on my arms and a small black bruise on my left breast (photos will be added here as soon as they are scanned in.) – typical to find on body my after a reptilian abduction and possibly caused by the simple fact that I fight them. Sandy Nichols remembers having an odd night and remembers some activity and felt taken as well, had scratch marks on his torso.

The Nakedeye Production team was hired to produce the special with Sci-Fi calling the final shots. The production teams of Tina DiFeliciantonio & Jane Wagner were super and the staff treated everyone extremely well. Both Wagner and DiFeliciantonio were very seriously minded about the documentary without portraying the abductee as deranged or fringe in anyway. They should be awarded an honor for that.

But, with that in mind I should have known that with a that Sci-Fi channel bankrolling the production they would never allow a nefarious alien agenda to be exposed not if it were to be in conjunction with the Spielberg Taken miniseries and that the segment would not be used. I don’t take offence or feel slighted; my experience was not what they needed to fulfill their contract, simple as that. It doesn’t make my experiences any less significant and those who were chosen for the series. I am mentioned in the credits as helping with statistical data – which is appreciated, but to neglect to unveil all aspects of abduction isn’t the giving the entire scope of alien agenda; and that mentality is very flawed on the part of Sci-Fi Channel. I do not blame Tina and Jane at all. They were told what to gather and they did a good job of it.

I can only imagine why Sci-Fi Channel was looking for innocuous experiences, to coincide with the whole Taken theme.  Experiences dealing with Greys, light beings (possibly more of a paranormal experience than abduction related, in my opinion) and hybrids, were well stated. Why were neither reptilians nor malicious abandoned?  These scenarios are just as much a part of the abduction experience.  People who are experiencing entities with a less than positive agenda are left feeling invalidated and further confused by their experience.  They also didn’t get to see a person who has incorporated the negative experience in a positive manner.

In my opinion Sandy was portrayed as someone who liked his experience, when in reality Sandy hates the abductions, and believe in two sides of the coin, both in positive contacts and negative abduction, he also dislikes what they’ve done to him, It’s torn apart some of his family members, and he hates the whole mind control agenda these beings manipulate – but likes the people he’s met because he’s an abductee and has made solid friendships with other abductees, not his abductors. So do I, regardless of experiences.

The overall production was good; Tina and Jane are becoming legendary for their documentaries and docudramas.  Regardless of experience and the people chosen, all came across as articulate and sensible.  There were none of the usual skeptical debunkers that some documentaries use to make the abductee look confused or unsure what’s happened to them. So, as far as an abduction documentary goes, it’s a small step in the right direction – even with the sinister aspect removed. Hopefully producers as sensitive as Tina and Jane will film other documentaries that will portray all aspects of the alien agenda.


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Malevolence Verses Benevolence

By Colleen Johnston © Revised 2002

It's not easy coming to terms with the possibility many members of my family (including myself) have been involved with alien abduction for generations. Announcing this type of revelation publicly is like proclaiming to have been infected with a fatal yet contagious disease.  Even within the UFO community a few eyebrows still raise at the slight mention of it.  Alien abduction is the darker characteristic, "dirty little secret" of Ufology that some researchers (until recent years) wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.    

  I need to clarify my own personal definition of alien abduction. Abduction has nothing to do with being contacted by benevolent little creatures that wish to share the vast secrets of the universe.  Abduction is a malevolent act of aggression towards the experiencer, invasive at every level and a horrifying, traumatic encounter that leaves the recipient traumatized and completely changed forever.  It often creates symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, which adversely affects a person for the rest of their life. It can also leave a person with holes in their memory, genuinely fearing for their sanity and possibly having a nervous breakdown.    

  I have been experiencing what I believe to be alien abduction from the age of four onward.  Mental, emotional as well as cruel physical experiments have been performed on me, without my consent.  It is my opinion that these beings, whether Zeta Riticulans (small Greys, with large bug like eyes supposedly from star group Zeta Riticuli), several foot tall harshly malevolent reptilian entities or any other species do not have our best interest at heart. My genuine concern is they have a much deeper, sinister objective, which we may never fully understand.  

  Beings with spiritual understanding or a genuine love for humanity would not have to operate in such clandestine fashion. They should also recognize someone's true spiritual awareness and genuine desire to learn how to help humanity revolutionize its ills. I have experienced none of the above, with these captors. Quite the contrary, it has been more akin to concentration camp like behavior with indifferent, unsympathetic entities that have their own malevolent priories and a hidden possibly sinister agenda.    

  I didn't always feel this way. I once believed abduction was for our own good that these beings were spiritually advancing us in return for allowing physical and mental experimentation. A supposedly enlightened spiritual teacher convinced me that the beings were ethical, that I was to accept these occasional incursions without question. Not only accept it but also to feel honored because they had chosen me.  As these experiences became increasingly conscious, and some of the screens began to lift, my assessment of these creatures (or how I was brainwashed to believe in my opinion) dramatically shifted.  

  When I began to fight for consciousness at the suggestion of a well-known researcher the late Dr. Karla Turner, I began to ask myself a few really hard questions, Such as, what honor and spiritual remuneration is it to be subjected to total helplessness? In addition to the sheer horror of watching a fetus is being harvested from a loved one? Then, if that wasn't enough, being forced to calm her then required to remove gauze like packing from her vagina after she has hemorrhaged from the brutality of it all?  Or watching my mother, two sisters and my sweet daughter huddled into a small cramped, caged area completely in a state of traumatized terror urging me that if I didn't cooperate with the beings they would be harmed, possibly killed?  I have witnessed no honor, no warm fuzzy fireside chats about humanitarian missions or spiritual advancement from these beings, ever.  

  We must do whatever possible to stop the experiences from occurring all together. We must fight for conscious recollection of the abductions and expose these captors for what they are. I know once I began to fight for recollection, I began to see another side of the abduction scenario. When we begin to fight for consciousness we can begin to realize the contradiction that's really happening to us; and what masterful screens our adept controllers have placed within our psyches.

  Consciousness may hold the key to possibly find solutions to stop abduction once and for all. 


Colleen’s articles are © copyright. Articles aren't to be used in part or whole by any retrieval methods, either electronic, or otherwise, in media or print without permission. To ask permission to use any of the articles, please email the Colleen by clicking the link below.


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