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The Shadow People – What are they?

Colleen Johnston  © 2003


As far back as 1962, I can remember seeing what many are currently terming as "The Shadow People". They are around five feet and taller, humanoid looking as well as bipedal. They are dark, as the name implies and seem to be surrounded in an energy field with is also dark or black in color. They seem to be devoid of light and life.

  Their facial features aren’t exactly human and seem more two dimensional, with what appears to be two eyes a nose and an O for a mouth; features seem misshaped as well as misaligned. Almost like the artist “Picasso’ renderings. If they are human in  origin, they aren't ghosts, oddly, light doesn't refract off of them. They have the ability to move about rapidly; almost like they travel dimensionally from point A to point B within our own dimension.  In one instant they are near you, then across the room, then gone and back near again. I have seen as many as four completely surrounding my bed. They are also seen primarily with peripheral (out of the corner of the eye) vision.  Once they are looked upon with forward vision they dissolve or move so rapidly – they blink out or fade into the background, as a Chameleon would hide on a branch of a tree or bush.

 They are sometimes accompanied by fuzzy gray balls,  which scurry around close to the floor and may pop in and out of walls in and out of walls. These are about the size of a house cat. I have also seen white flashes of light and other apparitions after they make a visitation. Are they alien in nature, demonic? I think they might be interdimensional beings, and feed off our life force. In my personal experience - they seem to be harbingers of bad events or major paranormal phenomenon but do not seem to be able to harm us physically. Possibly akin to the Mothmen that John Keel has written about.

 Conceivably they are possibly just opportunists who infiltrate once a portal or dimensional doorway is open. What ever they are, they are indeed very frightening and seem to appear once a dimensional window is open.  Yet in my own recollection, they’ve never tried to physically harm me, What they seem to be doing is observing us, and our reaction to them. If anything they seem surprised that we can see them once they are discovered.

Are they alien in origin? Perhaps as they have been known to occur with UFO sightings or around those affected by alien abduction. Do they need to be classified within the realms of those who are using dimensional windows into our own world? Absolutely! Regardless of what they are – one thing is for sure – they are firmly planted into the the third dimensional paranormal world of experience and are being seen by many people at a elevating rate.



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