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The Truth is Out There -- But Not in the Media

By Colleen Johnston © 2003

  As a paranormal investigator for thirty years as well as an abduction researcher for the last seventeen and a multi-generational abductee, the Sci-Fi Channels miniseries 'Taken' had me, as well as many abductees riveted to the TV set for its incremented, twenty-hour extravaganza. For those who missed it, it is a story that follows the lives of three families who are experiencing generational alien abductions over a fifty-year time span. Although the project claims that it is solely based on alien abduction and UFO mythology it is obvious that producers met with and interviewed actual abductees to gather some of its information for the screenplay. In this mega budget epic, quote, “ best ever, first night ratings of a series on Sci-Fi Channel”, Taken managed to gather six-million viewers on it’s December 2 premier, with a second night record of four- million, an all time new record, surpassing and other miniseries for the cable channel since coming on the airwaves in 1992.

In my personal opinion, as well as years of professional research gathering abduction statistics, abduction fact verses fiction soon parted company when executive director Leslie Bohem began to suggest alien abduction was a privilege and that being yanked out of bed at three in the morning, getting bruised, injected was somehow good for the human psyche to experience. Furthermore, it’s insane for Bohem to suggest honor in delivering a hybrid child that it should be seen as a mark of distinction for a chosen few. For many abductees who’ve been involved in an alien hybridization program it’s a traumatizing experience – ripping apart everything they’ve been taught to believe about life and creation.

Sci-Fi Channel in it collaboration with Spielberg, DreamWorks Darryl Frank, co-head of DreamWorks TV, (DreamWorks, launched in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg and David Geffen) and Executive Producer Leslie Bohem have created a nice glitzy made for TV extravaganza wrongly representing the alien abduction agenda as something benevolent and in part something we should accept because we are chosen few, somehow special.

Actors in scenes suggesting to expose the wicked, malignant side to the captors, in the end succumbed to acceptance or died trying to unveil the nefarious side to the creatures. I particularly was offended at the overall theme of good guys die, bad guys win or were killed off by the evil nature of the human element. This insinuates humans are the only despicable part of the alien agenda. 

 Fiction, for the real abductee, especially those who are being taken against their will by malevolent creatures, but don’t know it yet, might be adversely affected and the series will do nothing more than confuse them. It could subconsciously trigger them into years of abnormal behavior and mental anguish without resolve until they find some type of abduction support. Abduction research indicates that seemingly benign fictional books or movies, even TV series, have shocked many abductees subconsciously and set off negative behavior.

When will the whole alien abduction phenomenon be revealed whether fictional or not? I believe Taken, even though it is supposedly based on “myth’ has the potential to send legitimate abduction research back into the dark ages – making the abductee look fringe and out of synch with the rest of humanity. For those who are really experiencing alien abduction, this is an outrage. Again I have to remind myself about media hype entertainment value – not truth that has once again, escaped the medias attention. Please remember regardless of what is being described in this series, it is not the whole agenda.

Bohem’s research department did well in its quest for scenarios depicting ET’s interaction with humankind; it has managed to warp the entirety of alien agenda.  They interweaved the facts/fiction and good/bad just enough to make large chunks appear nontoxic, possibly triggering the unsuspecting abductee into odd behavior or deep depression. Bohem needed to do a little bit more homework. Some of the scenes were so realistic that many abductees that I have since spoken to stated they felt psychologically forced to look away from the TV screen due to the disturbing content. The scenarios brought up a rehashing of real events once feared by these abductees.

In my personal opinion it is not an honor to suggest there is some type of benefit to be part of an alien hybridization project. I do not mean to be snide when I say that; because there is a myriad of abduction data, which suggests people are experiencing both benevolent alien contacts or malevolent alien abduction, in some cases both. It’s affecting a startlingly large part of the American populace, according to the latest roper poll data.  The Roper Poll states that one in seven Americans say that they or someone they know has had at least one experience of the First, Second, or Third kind. The first means, a craft sighting, the second, indicates seeing aliens interact, the third contact with an alien species. Contact with an extraterrestrial species doesn’t mean abduction. The Roper Poll totally ignores what abductees call the forth kind experience, which is actual alien abduction. One in seven is a large segment in the population that’s roughly 41 million people. Abduction research suggests out of those figures, those experiencing the third or forth kind is around six million Americans. Out of those figures a majority are experiencing malevolence over benevolence, some 74%. (See statistical data at  http:// www.maar.us coming soon)

Most abduction researchers agree that contact and abduction are two entirely different things. Contact indicates more of a begin interaction with an alien species, possibility of learning or communicating in some way.  Abduction on the other hand is a violent act of aggression, with little regard for the person whom is being subjugated. It is totally inaccurate if not unfair to the abductee to portray the abduction experience as something its not; as well as to distort abduction facts by twisting the reprehensible agenda of the abductors to make it the experience seem innocuous. Alien Abduction is far from being a privileged experience; it traumatizes the abductee with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, including various sleep disorders, severe emotional anguish, and bazaar behaviors, in some cases physical maladies ranging from autoimmune disorders to sudden onset of rare or aggressive forms of cancer.

Admitting to being abducted by aliens often destroys the credibility of the person as well as close relationships with family members and friends. For many years, in the field of Ufology, it’s been called the “Ufologies dirty little secret’, because of abductees accounts of alien/human hybrids, ovum/sperm extrication or even rape by these entities. Abductees have often been the brunt of anal probe jokes, maliciously ridiculed beyond belief. There is no privilege in admitting any of the above has happened! It’s only been within the last few years that abduction research had finally come into it’s own legitimacy, fighting through years of abductees being portrayed as having loose screws with severe mental illness. Unfortunately, much of what the media tends to focus on are the ‘tinfoil’ hat people, those who do act crazy and are obviously mentally ill, many of those have been portrayed in the various supermarket tabloids.

Sadly, the general populace makes their assumptions based on what they read or see represented in the media. If anything genuine abductees try to escape the experience by outright denial, only to discuss it when the knowledge will benefit others who may be experiencing a similar occurrence. Many unsuspecting abductees think they are mentally ill, until they manage to incorporate abduction into their daily lives through support groups or counseling. Abductees come from all walks of life; doctors, attorneys, actors, writers, psychologists, psychiatrists, military and government employees, steel workers, police or emergency workers, housewives or food service workers. Profession, ethnicity, gender or social, economic backgrounds do not seem to matter.

In general a majority abduction researchers don't put all the information out there, because there are significant earmarks that set an abductee apart from people who are not experiencing the anomaly. Although not all information was put out there, Bohem didn’t leave many stones unturned. Enough of the hidden truth was portrayed to make it harder to for a researchers or psychologists who council support groups to separate the wheat from the chafe. How many unscrupulous people watching will try to malign abductees by infiltrating discussion and support groups just to get a story, or use the information to harm another? Majorities of people who are genuinely involved do not want to be discovered and remain very private about their experience. The implications of how someone could get into a support group and misuse information against another is frightening. Such breeches have happened in the past, although rare, only to be used against a person to prove mental instability in divorce proceedings, or other legal situations.

In the beginning of the series Bohem, made the creatures look menacing by depicting them with ominous features and physically aggressive body movements. Slowly, over the rest of the series, the creatures became smaller, with expressive blue eyes and smiles suggesting they have human like personalities and emotions.  This further suggests that humans are misinterpreting their negative experiences and that the abductee is somehow confused about what is happening to them. The overall gist is that all Greys are benevolent and that the abduction in itself only traumatizes the person, not what the entities do, sadly has done more harm than good to abductees psyche. Make no mistake; once an abductee fights for conscious recollection during and after experience (which can be done), the captors’ intentions become frighteningly clear.

The miniseries has left some of us feeling that a pro-alien agenda was represented -- if not some type of subliminal ‘acclimation project’ was being implemented, suggesting we accept an alien presence because they are somehow superior and know what’s good for mankind.  Does it make sense that a supposedly peaceful, intelligent species try to covertly intercede with and to cull a small part of the population via hybridization? If would seem more plausible to use global diplomatic channels, to repeatedly communicate it’s benevolent intent to welcome earthlings into a universal community then be introduced as such to the worldwide population. We’ve come a long way from the mentality that created national panic from the October 30, 1938 of Orson Wells ‘ War of the Worlds’ radio broadcast. Humanity can handle it if it’s presented appropriately, if that is truly their intention.

Any species that knowingly asserts clandestine activity usually suggests a more sinister program is being implemented, or simply done for a self-serving agenda – and nothing more. Benevolent beings seemingly would not afflict their chosen, they would not experiment on or probe, or cause years of mental suffering and uncertainty. They would not regard us in a behavior akin to the torture forced on those who were experimented on in the Nazi concentration camp medical facilities. 

Portraying these entities with human personas, is ludicrous and completely wrong -- not all gray groups are benevolent and those that are, usually teach humans in classrooms, or large auditoriums; they not harm or implant, they do not play mind games or try to procreate with humans. They do not have lovable personalities that make you have feelings or care about doing the right or wrong thing.

Believe and believe deeply that there is a very menacing side, and some of these stealthy entities are playing good cop/ bad cop mind games with its captives. There are grey species, reptilian species that completely thrive off of our emotional energies, entities that engage in physical rape of both men and women.  Half measures avail nothing, until the whole pro/con agenda is portrayed for what it is, not what Bohem, Spielberg and others want it to be -- little more will be done within the media to expose the entire agenda, until then, they have much work to do.

Even in fictional portrayals, people must be responsible at illustrating information.  Not to do so, is senseless, insensitive as well as an injustice to the real people who it claims it’s fictionalizing. Furthermore, it’s an irresponsible exploitation of a very real subject matter; along with a half-truth misrepresentation of a majority who are being abducted. Hopefully Sci-Fi Channel will portray the flip side to this enigma, helping to set the record straight, whether fictional or not.


Colleen’s articles are © copyright. Articles aren't to be used in part or whole by any retrieval methods, either electronic, or otherwise, in media or print without permission. To ask permission to use any of the articles, please email Colleen by clicking the link below.

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Big Brother is Still Watching Via The Internet - 2003

It reads like a science fiction spy story, with all types of high tech equipment. Are agencies within the United States government spying on some of the thirty plus million people who use the Internet daily?

In a study obtained by Associated Press, despite a ban,  it was found that thirteen agencies have been illegally tracking the website Internet surfing habits of their own website visitors. They are achieving this by placing a small text file, called a "cookie" on the website visitor's computer.

Once the person has left the site the cookie collects detailed data about the visitors website browsing habits. Not only the users surfing patterns, but at least one of the thirteen has been known to provide the information to a privatized company. With the new Homeland Security Agency, and an aftermath of September 11, 2001 tragedy, digging into a person’s web browsing history will become commonplace.

Some of the past agencies involved that use the cookies include disaster relief, federal aviation, and Medicare administration according to Associated Press. It is not known how many other agencies may be involved in such practices.

In June 2000 the White House Office of Management and Budget told all federal agencies that placing a cookie on a visitor surfing onto their website was in violation of personal privacy set up by the Privacy Act of 1974. It also violated other laws that compose the government's privacy policies. The OMB said that website visitors must be given clear and conspicuous notice, meaning, website visitors must be warned that a cookie is being placed on their systems and furthermore must have the choice whether to allow a cookie to be placed.

In addition, the agencies that continued to track users claimed they were in accordance with the Privacy Act and their official policy claimed the monitoring had ceased. The study proved the cookies gathering technology was still enabled, possibly being placed by java script and that visitors were only warned that a cookie was being placed, not why the cookie was there. If the agencies are continuing the practice is unknown.

Some of the agencies employed "persistent cookies" that could monitor habits used for years to come, without website visitors' consent. The US Forest Service International Programs website was found to be using what are called 'third party cookies" sent to a private company which compiles data for the agency.

On a Windows operating system a consumer can disable cookie use without consent by changing the settings on their operating system. To do this, click on the start icon, click settings, scroll to find Internet options click, and then click the Security tab. When the screen pops up, click on the Custom level button. Scroll down until you reach cookies, either check disable cookie use or check prompt, then click ok. Although it may disable you from going on some websites or the warning screen may come up, you'll see just how many cookies are being places on your system.

To clean off current cookies that have been placed on your system, you can refer to the Windows help section on your operating system.

Colleen’s articles are © copyright. Articles aren't to be used in part or whole by any retrieval methods, either electronic, or otherwise, in media or print without permission. To ask permission to use any of the articles, please email Colleen by clicking the link below.

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