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Reptilians Screens - Unmasking the Rogue Deception

By Colleen Johnston © 2005-2009


Abductees suffering genuine anomalous trauma from their ongoing experiences usually feel they belong nowhere – they are often ridiculed by the Ccntactee who is either two ignorant or arrogant to understand that abduction and contact are separate experiences or they think that the abducted are too unenlightened to accept their experiences.


A genuine contactee usually doesn’t brag about the experience and truly understands that both enigma’s are occurring, and sometimes within their own experiences.


Malevolence comes in many forms – from Grey’s that do painful experimentations on the human or worst yet, violent reptilian creatures that rape not only the body – but the psyche as well.  Therefore, those whom experience Reptilian abductions feel they fit into neither group and feel they have no one to talk to about this. They are not talking with their ministers or friends, or their families. They usually hide this fact until they find a support group that really understands what they experience is genuine.


For the female, it is like hiding an incestuous event that has occurred with childhood and lasting well into adulthood. For the male – it is confusing as in some cases the sexual drive becomes very elevated. Women often report this as well.


Ministers equate theses recounts as demonic, and suggest an exorcism and a house blessing. When this is done – the abductions still occur leaving the abductee in a hopeless state of despair. The mental health community thinks the person is suffering from a myriad of mental health labels. So few psychologist or psychiatrists are in the field of abduction, those that are scattered through the world; many abductees cannot afford to travel to where they are. Many of the practitioners are booked for many months ahead as well.


Contactee’s think it is because the abductee is getting the wrong picture in their mind and good things are happening – simply to accept it because they should feel honored because they are chosen.  No wonder the abductee who is plagued with Reptillian abductions feels alone with no group or person to discuss this with!


How it Begins


Reptillian abduction is the most hostile act of abduction among all species. They are adept masters at what is called a screen memory – a memory that is falsely planted in the mind of the abductee by their captors to make them think they were only dreaming – even if they are wide-awake when the abduction takes place. Here is a following example:


Sally, a 26 year old teacher has a reoccurring dream that a famous

          rock band with a handsome lead singer is in love with her and she

repeatedly dreams that they make passionate love. Except when the

sexual act happens; Sally often wakes with markings and deep bruises,

blood droplets may come from her vaginal area and she feels hurts like

she’s been raped instead of being made love too.


Confused by the dream, Sally tries to shove it into the recesses of her memory. Instead of feeling good – as a natural sexual dream would

make one feel – she begins to exhibits symptoms of posttraumatic stress,

and refuses to sleep in her bed with the lights off – she may stay awake

for hours, until sunrise for days, weeks on end. Finally, she is able to shake

the dream and resume to somewhat normal life.


She notes that she feels dirty and guilty for pleasure derived from such an odd dream. She will usually desire sex but at the same time she is for the most part celibate. If she is sexually active it takes extreme sex for her to climax, almost to the point of painfulness. This has become increasingly abnormal for her. Oddly, if she is married – her spouse’s libido will suddenly turn off – with sexual dysfunction without known medical reason.


Sally and her spouse do not understand what is happening and Sally

cannot talk to her husband about it – why she craves rougher sex or heightened climax. She has tried to discuss her abductions and he

thinks she has lost her mind and in need of mental help. He cannot explain why he is been sexually turned off and why she is making such a big deal of it.


Acts of Aggression and Repeated Rape Scenarios


What Sally has experienced is a typical Reptillian screen memory, a false memory placed within her mind to cover a brutal act of rape and experimentation. The majority of reptilian species are malevolent and in my opinion, ANY species who abducts someone against their will falls into the nefarious category. But these scaly sinister creatures will use techniques at are so painful and so disgusting that it is incomprehensible to the average Joe.  The mind stores data and makes very traumatic events either into total blanks in the recollection will become a screen (false) memory such as the rock star scenario to cover-up the aggression.


Reptillians do this for several reasons:




Those of us that do experience it – know the agony is beyond the normal realm of abductions by the Greys.  Reptilians usually mask themselves under screens – like rock stars, movie stars to initiate sexual acts in dream-like scenarios. Once the abduction has occurred, the Reptilian in fact can read the mind of their captives and dig out what the person desires.  All of us carry fantasies about making love – they seem to be able to utilize this in a major movie like production, instead of making love, they are harming us – hurting us tremendously. I have learned to fight for consciousness by repeatedly keeping a journal, by fighting to the last drop for lucid moments, and have managed to remember reptilians doing experiments or attempting to force sexual acts with me. I fight them…and they do not expect that. It takes programming your mind to remember – but I would not recommend this for the novice, because I will usually be retuned with cuts, scratches, deep bruises and severe muscle spasms.


Often abductees taken by reptoidal species end up with health issues, muscular issues such as Fibromyalgia, various types of arthritis Chronic Fatigue and major sleep disorders. After years of this, the illness begins to take their toll on the body leaving people disabled at young ages (In my case disability started off and on in 1990 when I was 35 years old and full time in 1999).


What you can do if you want to know


We cannot stop this type of abduction because the creatures as with any alien species have something demons do not possess. They, like us have free will.  Prayers are not useful against these creatures.


We can do two things that will help:


A.     Keep a journal that will eventually lead to screen removal, and allow some lucidity to  move forward in the psyche to consciousness, which will alleviate some of the  post traumatic stress, although medicines either herbal or pharmaceutical to help with coping with the events


B.      We could seek specified persons who have been specifically trained, in hypnotherapy who deal particularly with reptilian or aggressive abduction by various species.




I would suggest the latter – before trying the former suggestion.  I would suggest reading books by people who have experienced either reptilian or malevolence during their abductions. – ‘Fire in the Sky’ by Travis Walton – both in book and movie form, movies like the ‘Forgotten’,  ‘Dreamcatcher’, even ‘The Matrix” series are helpful to see how they possibly control the mind .. I would also suggest that you read Dr. Karla Turner’s last book written before she died called ‘Masquerade of Angels’. It is filled with screen memories unmasked


Find a support group that accepts those of us who have had these sinister visitors harm us for their own reasoning and enjoyment. The more you know the better you are able to handle it. Adducting aliens hate us to get an upper edge in this. They want us to obey – to be silent and peacefully be accepting of their agendas.


 We must above all fight for consciousness to learn what they are doing to us – then we can warn others to do the same. We should never be accepting of Reptillians, Greys or any species who use any type of covert means to take us from our homes and places we should feel safe.


When we fight for lucidity, we gain strength against our alien captors. Gaining strength my not stop the abductions from happening – but could eventually lead to slowing them down or stopping them altogether.



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