Web Site Development Terms 

Below are common  web development terms that we frequently use in the discussion of website design.

Animated Graphic: An image that has animated movement. 

Co Hosted Domain: A co hosted domain is basically renting space on another server or web site that will develop a web page or mini website and allow you to piggy back off that site. Often websites  ( including mine) will offer a business page site within a certain genre for your needs at a low price per year. This will include web page development and prices will vary - You'll certain templates will be used. To see what a co hosted site looks like Please visit on my site here Alien Stress Dolls.  If you are interested in having such a page built - please email me here!

Domain:  A specific static (nonmoveable) website address dedicated for your use on the world wide web -- not be be confused with a homepage on your Internet Service Provider. A homepage is simply a space provided by your ISP. A domain site has its own location on the web. Domain sites can be very large and still have simple web addresses: Example: www.ABCDEFG.com.

E-mail: A designated address where you can receive electronic mail over the internet.

Gif images: Gif (Graphics Interchange Format) is the oldest image format on the internet and was the original way to exchange and view images and graphics. Animated and many other graphic images are created in this format. Gif, however, is limited in its color range; only 256 colors can be viewed in this format.

Home page via ISP: (See Domain Site above). Usually a free space provided by your internet service provider for your use. It is usually only one to four megabytes in size with a long address (a combination of your chosen words or symbols and those of your internet provider). Example: http://members.ISP.com/yourscreenname/index.html.

Home page via another server: Usually this is a "free" space provided by websites like Bravenet, Lycos, Yahoo, or some other site specifically offering "FREE" web space. It is usually limited to a small amount of space, that includes their advertising on your page as well as limits what can be designed. This is also co hosting but unlike above - with advertisements. 

Host Site: A large internet site that will host your your domain site for you. You are usually given a large amount of space for your website as well as twenty or more personal email addresses. It will also allow your webmaster to maintain the upkeep of your site.

HTML: (Hypertext Markup Language) the coding language the World Wide Web is written in. It is what makes all websites viewable. There are variations of HTML as well as other computer languages which are used by web page designers. Some examples are: JavaScript, DHTML, Flash and and variants of Active X.

ISP: (Internet Service Provider): the company that provides you with access service to the internet for a fee. Example: America Online, Juno, Earthlink, MSN, etc..

Jpeg or jpg Image: (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Image: Another format in which images are created for viewing on the Internet. It works better than a gif format (256 colors) for photographic images and has a rich high quality range of 16,000,000+ colors.

Meta Tags: A Meta Tag is a specific coding used within the HTML coding  that helps Search Engines find a website.

Meta Crawler:  A robot  or spider of sorts that Search Engines use to crawl the web to index web sites.

Search Engines:   A search engine is a  Internet tool used for two reasons. One, to search topics of interests for Internet users. Secondly, listing source that allows a website to be visible on the Internet. 

URL: A web site address on the Internet.

World Wide Web: The internet backbone (first used by the Universities and the military as a way to covertly communicate coded messages).

Web Browser: Enables you to access and view the internet. Examples: Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Oprah etc.

Webmaster: The person or company who creates your website and keeps it updated and functioning.

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