Are you susceptible to getting involved in a cult?

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All information gathered is not sold, traded or used in and manor other than to use generic statistical data on cult susceptibility. If you'd like to make a confidential cult report please click here  to use our Cult Reporting Form Your privacy is just as important to us and it is to you.




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    1.Do you care for lost or stray animals?  Yes   No 

    2. Like heartfelt, romantic movies or books Yes   No

    3. Do you have a hard time saying no to friends or family, even when you really want to? Yes   No

    4.Do you want to make a significant difference in the world problems? Yes   No

    5.Would you stop at the scene of an accident to help victims? Yes   No

    6. Do you hate injustice in  the world? Yes   No

    7. Would you help a total Stranger if they asked you to? Yes   No

    8. Do you give time, money to humanitarian projects? Yes   No

    9.Are you open minded about your spiritual beliefs, and less conventional?  Yes   No

  10.  Are you an artistic, creative person? Yes   No

  11.  Have you ever been in a cult? Yes   No  Not Sure

  If  yes to question 11, please describe the type of cult experience you had: 

  Please select your gender

 What's your racial background?

 How old are you?

 How did you find The MAAR Website??



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