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This section is dedicated to exposing harmful groups who have a majority or ALL the earmarks in place which suggests they are using methods such as mind control, degradation to keep members in place. It doesn't have to be a fatalist group with an apocalyptic doctrine to make it harmful to the people who unknowingly get involved.

 If you have exited cult  know someone who's gotten involved in a such a group, please report the group if it's not listed. Also be on your guard against CAN or the Cult Awareness Network. It has been taken over by the Scientology group and hasn't had a single cult member recovery who wasn't indoctrinated into Scientology since 1995. 

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Known UFO Cult Groups

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Heavens Gate-  also known as Bo and Peep, The Next Level above Human, the Higher Source, The One, Do& Ta, This group is now defunct. Heavens Gate cult was headed by Marshall Applewhite and 39 people lost their lives because of the UFO ideology that encompassed this group. On March 26, 1997 , 39 members under the direction of Marshall Applewhite took a deadly drank a lethal mixture of Phenobarbital and vodka and then settled to die over a three-day period. Twenty-one victims were women; 18 were men.

Applewhite had a long history of apocalyptic teachings and was first uncovered by Jacques Vallee in a book called  Messengers of Deception. Marshall's group would manifest as different names as his ideologies changed but there has always been a consistent UFO , alien, Jesus Christ, ascended master related theme. In the early 1970's Applewhite had a heart attack and a near death experience were he hooked up with Nurse Bonnie Lu Nettles who would become co founder of the cult. She died in 1985. During it's hay day in the seventies the cult boasted of a few hundred members with each person dressing similar and looking similar. 

Some mirror web sites still exist today dealing with the cult. See:

Also see new articles : CNN Interactive New Site









New Age Christian Church -The Council - This group is based in Central  Arkansas with several self propelled satellite groups nation wide. The group leader is a very charismatic nationally known psychic who has twice monthly meetings at her Psychic Center and weekly meeting for 'The Council' in her home.   The Council's ideology is different from and separate from new age Church activities.  Usually there is 10 to 13 people involved in the Council group. Leadership comes directly from the  nearly 60 year old psychic and the channelings from "The Brotherhood of Melchizedek". The groups core belief claims to be Christian and Bible based but is laced with  teachings from J J Hurtak, Melchizedek  Truths Principles and similar doctrines including works from Edith Fore  and Johannes Gruber on spirit possession. 

The leader privately claims to be a deity figure from another universe and she calls herself 'The Jeweled Orb'.  This was supposedly the name given to her  by a channeled alien and she totally believes she is from another universe and is here to gather other jewels for the Godhead. The ideology is similar to other groups that have the Biblical/ UFO/new age connection. It is the leaders belief that one day many spaceships will appear, and her job is to direct people to get on board these ships.

This group is small - but methods of mind control and abusive ' you better start towing the line or you'll fall from God, ' philosophy are used to control  and belittle members. Members who do leave are kept up with and reported back to the leader. She'll  use any hardship, possibly making up examples of duress affecting the ex member, and explain that such things wouldn't happen if the member had stayed in the group. Further more she'll try to publicly discredit any exiting member once they catch on to her con game and the real person she is. I will have more on this group and know it's inner workings exclusively. It was the group I was involved with and detail it out in my book,  when I get it published.  I have been out of the group since October of 1995,  contacts from Arkansas reassure me her group is still in operation.

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Nuwaubians Eatonton, Georgia sect that encompasses some 20,000 plus (I stood corrected from an original document I had written in 2000 by one of their irate cult members who owns a newspaper in GA) members, also known as, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation, Mystic Order of Melchizedek, Nation of Islam. The self-ordained and self-proclaimed Godhead leader York has stated on his own web site, I am The Lamb, I am the man!  He also goes by the following names: Malachi or Malachi Z. York, Chief Eagle, and Malachi Z. Yor. He is actually Dwight York, 58, is ex convict from Brooklyn NY who served time in the 1960s for assault and battery, resisting arrest and possession of an illegal weapon and after a former member surfaced York was arrested May 5th, 2002 pleaded guilty to  74 counts of child molestation and a Trial is set for sometime in August, 2003.

  The the majority of members are black, and are a segregationist movement with a combined ideology is a Ancient Egyptian texts, Native American, Biblical, Christian as well as a UFO/ alien belief structure. York believes that he is from the 19th planet called Illyuwn, come to rescue the black community. The alien ideology is a bit complicated, because York added to it so frequently. According to their own website, which follows this description. York claims that the Egyptian Nasi, (The Ancient Ones who York and other claims as Nuwbuns & Olmecs). The Nuwbuns supposedly came to earth millions of years ago and set up colonies calling the USA Utla or Atlan. According to the groups web site this alien black skinned race, with wooly hair and large lips, wide noses mated with another group called the Hexians (supposedly alien Orientals called Namu,) which produced the Mexions these were called the Aztecians. (Mexican peoples). Allegations of child abuse, severe mental control and an apocalyptic theme run through this groups ideology. According to one group member the  York claimed these aliens were supposed to return August, 2003 via a vortex or dimensional doorway.

York has repeatedly proclaimed (according to articles and former members) That UFOs will appear to take them from the world in 2003. Every cult group that I have studied that has a similar creed has ended up taking its believers into oblivion or psychologically harming members, destroying lives. Cult members are encouraged to live on the 48 -acre compound. Very dangerous group, even with York currently out of the picture. I would suggest people read articles below as this group appears to be radical and very threatening to outsiders!

 See related news stories here! See and

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Raelians - Well known UFO cult that have recently claimed they have successfully cloned a human baby. The group boasts  membership  of  60,000 members in 87 countries. The group was formed when ex race car enthusiast /sports reporter Claude Vorilhon AKA His 'Holiness' Rael, claims that on the 13th of December 1973,  he  was contacted by a visitor from another planet, and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome these people back to Earth when it was time for them to come. Group encourages promiscuous behavior and has a warped ideology of indiscriminate sexual behaviors.

According to their web site  "The extra-terrestrial was about four feet in height, had long dark hair, almond shaped eyes, olive skin and exuded harmony and humor". He told Rael that: "We were the ones who made all life on earth, you mistook us for gods  -  we were at the origin of your main religions. Now that you are mature enough to understand this,  we would like to enter official contact through an embassy" 

Reporter  Brigitte McCann, and  Photographer Chantal Poirier infiltrated the group in 2003 gathering over 500 photos and has given us a candid insider look to this insidious group.  Read related articles, here.

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Scientology- Scientologist number in the 100, 000 range worldwide. According to former members the group seeks out those who are affluent and have status within the community for indoctrination. Many movie stars are affiliated with and openly promote  this group. Scientology was founded By L. Ron Hubbard Sr. and has grown into  a vast empire of recruitment.








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