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I use a combination of graphic programs such as Paint Shop Pro, PSP animation Shop, Photoshop, Uleads Cool 3D, Microsoft Image Composer and a few others. I also build with Microsoft Front Page or Adobe Page Mill.


At this time I do not create Flash and the reason is Flash is very expensive and takes up a tremendous amount of bandwidth and isnít compatible with many older systems people have, who also have slow 28 baud connections or less.  Bells and whistles look good on a website but even simple flash takes time to load on a slow-speed connection.


Example:  I have DSL but my dial up connection is only 24 baud on a good day and usually connects at 21.5 baud, even though I have a very fast V 90 modem. It is because I live out in the country far from the main phone junction. The closer to the phone company one lives the faster the connection on dial up.


Until the majority of people are connected to high-speed access it is better to stick with simple HTML and DHTML effects, as well as animation. Under 25 % of the United States population has high-speed Internet access and worldwide the percentage is much lower. No one will want to look at your website if it takes 10 minutes to load the front page.


These things you want to remember about an accessible website:



Operating System % Global Usage Share
Windows 98

70.5 %

Windows 2000

9.1 %

Windows 95

7.2 %

Windows XP

5.3 %


Which Web browser is used more?

Browser % Global Usage Share
Microsoft IE 6.0


Microsoft IE 5.5


Microsoft IE 5.0


Netscape Navigator 4.0


Mozilla 1


Microsoft IE 4.0


Opera 6.0



How many colors are available to most users?
The data in the chart below comes from
(May 2001). It shows that the majority of Web users (48.5%) have the capability to see only 65,536 colors on the Web.

Number of Colors % Global Usage Share
65,536 (16-bit)


16 million (32-bit)


Not specified


16 million (24-bit)


256 (8-bit)


16 (4-bit)


4 (2-bit)



What about screen size & resolution?
 November 2002, 1024 x 768 is the screen size of most Web users.

Screen size % Global Usage Share
1024 x 768

46.1 %

800 x 600

34.3 %

1280 x 1024

13.1 %

1152 x 864

3.9 %

640 x 480

1.1 %

1600 x 1200

1 %

1152 x 870

0.2 %


What kinds of connection speeds are typically used?

Connection Speed pie chart

Notice that 56K modems were what the majority of US homes with Internet connections used. This study compared July 2000 with July 2001 and found a trend for increasingly faster connection speeds.


A more recent Nielsen//Net ratings press release in January 2003, stated that the use of broadband (DSL/Cable Modem) connections by U.S. home Internet users increased by 59% from December 2001 to December 2002. As shown in the table below, there were still far more U.S. homes using narrowband (56K modem or slower) than broadband Internet connections in December 2002.


Access Speed December 2002 Unique Audience Percent Growth 12/01 - 12/02

3.36 million

59 %


7.74 million

-10 %


So as you can see, most people on the web are not yet  up to par. You must keep in mind the rest of the world when having a site built.


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