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The opinions presented within this web site  is each individual's opinion. It in no way reflects the entire view of the UFO or alien Experiencer community. We’ll share experiences and a variety of other related paranormal information in order to help website visitors to think before believing without question, to help cope with the trauma associated with the malevolent aspects of ALIEN abduction.  This enigma,  is part of a much lager entity occurring in so many people’s lives at an increasing as well as an alarming rate. There will be opinions and suggestions that might help the abductee to stop from being taken. It is NOT a guarantee abductions will stop, period.

If such material offends you, please feel free to delete it from your mind; simply don't come back to it. Please police your children as the Internet isn't a place to allow your child to wonder without supervision.

Also be aware that this site is devoted to alien abduction and its malevolent abductors, media spin control and mind control agendas. It has nothing to do with alien contact, contactee, and benevolent alien communications and from or any form of channeling. We do not debate whether these occur; it's just not the focus of this forum. MAAR and its authors reserve the right to reject any submission, (see guidelines) either photographic or written to the web site.


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