Dream - early afternoon 2:30 Wednesday 12/19/01after taking a nap.


My night was restless to say the least and as I am waking up I am noting that the left side of my head is aching down at the base of the skull and feels slightly swollen. No other marks are apparent, as this time but will watch over the next few hours. It is possible that what has been experienced is either a screen memory that's been wiped or a non-physical abduction or dream; in either case it was extremely vivid and the sequence seems logical.  I am coming to the conclusion that indeed not all experiences are physical.

I am outside of a shopping mall that is unfamiliar to me, it's dark but remember it being a brightness outside like dusk, which makes me wonder if it's spring or early summer. If it where this time of year participants were without jackets, but I did note that everyone had on long sleeves. The weather here has been warm enough to be jacketless.

While walking outside of this mall area, leaving (I think) I had the distinct feeling that I had to look up. There was a highly bluish purple metallic luminous object clearly manifesting directly overhead and I screamed out to other people, "look upÖa UFO!"  Others began to look skyward and some were not paying attention.

Immediately, a white blue beam comes down from the center of the craft and hits a very stunned blond woman who resembles a frightened deer in a set of headlights, completely transfixed and terrified. She begins to rapidly levitate upward towards the craft. I stood there, screaming "you bastards, put her down" I turn to see others now going up in a very rapid succession, and I try to run for the door, when I am hit with the beam. I am scream in my mind for them to put me down and cursed them mentally. My thoughts where that I had to fight for consciousness, to stay awake, even as the feeling is washing over me to loose consciousness. I felt the unmistakable feeling of going upward. I made it as far as seeing a blurry group of reptilian entities waiting to receive me on the other end and had the vague feeling like I was tied down. It was like looking through a soft edged lese or a fuzzy sided tunnel.

  Thatís all I remember at this time and will add craft below.


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