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Earth Changes: Global Warming

Polar Ice Cap Melting, Greenhouse Gases, Pollution

If it not bad enough, with near earth asteroids and mega volcanic eruptions, mankind seems to be the biggest threat to our future, with dependency of fossil fuels,  and paper consumption, we have deforested, and smogged the entirety of our populated earths surface. been in an airplane recently? Since the 1960s the air was only dirty over large cities. Now this haze exist about 10 thousand feet above the surface, is a light ashy dirt color. This occurs over rural areas as well as large cities. Wake up and look out a plane window next air trip you make. It's clearly visible pollution.

People are ill with auto-immune disorders which could possibly be linked to air pollution. Next time you fly on a clear day, look out the window. You'll notice a thin layer of dirty air, even in rural areas. We have seen year after year of El Niño's', La Nina's and Ice shelves breaking off of the south pole the size of Rhode Island. We have also seen glaciers retreat at an alarming rate. The layer of permafrost in Alaska is soggy. We are loosing glaciers at an unprecedented rate.

Scientific data on global warming became clear in 1995 during a global conference on the topic. Is it too late to clean up our earth and mend our need for such items? Maybe, but data suggest it's way to late for that. Below you'll find a variety of links to such data. 

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