Earth Changes Planet X Theories 

Planet X has long been thought to be an illusionary part of the UFO theme, until Zecharia Sitchin makes a pretty compelling case with Nibiru in his 12th Planet Earth Chronicles book series is the starting point on a quest that spans six books and 20 years worth of ancient alien visitors in various ancient text. The series chronicles research in the belief that earths is disrupted by a group of alien entities called Anunnaki via the planet Nibiru (which the Babylonians renamed "Marduk") 

Is there A lurking planet amidst our solar system with a distant elliptical orbit as Zechariah Sitchin wrote about back in 1975? Science concurs there is indeed something out there just beyond our solar system but actually denies any Planet-X scenario. Below you find links which chronicle various thoughts on the topic. You can decide for your self! Note: we do not indorse all links as gospel truth. It's up to you and your own thoughts whether you find the information valid.





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