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Earth Changes: The Sun's Anomalies


In early 1997 Both Kent Steadman and myself started monitoring anomalies on the surface of the sun starting with solar cycle 22, during a particularly fierce cycle of Sun spots. We found the data quiet accidentally and began to wonder if it was having any affect on our planet, besides affecting satellite communications. I serious believe, since we began to report it, with Kent going on the old Art Bell show, have single handedly made sun watching into what it is today.  

Below, you can monitor the sun for your self, you don't have to take our word for it. Something is spooky about it, and very volatile - which makes us a  target for a massive solar ejection that could possibly  burn the earth surface at sometime in distant (maybe not so distant) future. Since new monitoring equipment has been used to sol watch, some of the strangest ever recorded anomalies have showed up, just in the last few years. Kent has gotten mails from the genuine  NASA \ SOHO webmaster, claiming they have nothing to hide, yet with each anomaly - data is blocked on their website from viewing in what they call a BAKE OUT.



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