MAAR Submission Guidelines 

All submissions, personal accounts,  UFO or other reports must be spell and grammar checked, under 1000 words in length before being considered for submission.  MAAR retains the right to reject or accept any written or photographic materials or URL's being submitted. Professional articles need to be under 1,500 words.

All pornographic materials, profanity, Anti-Semitic or racial slurs, slanderous accusations against other researchers who contribute to this site or in general or submitting links to such materials -- will not be used. ISP spamming will not be tolerated and will be reported to appropriate service providers.

Spam Policies:

We use tools to trace spammers, locate ISP's, find out real email address and IP addresses. We also are registered members of  community! Spammers will be reported to appropriate ISP's. Help stop the spammers by going to web site below. banner


Privacy Policies:

We do NOT sell your information to anyone, at anytime for any reason. We understand the delicate nature of each report and respect your right to keep your privacy.  Your privacy is very important to us and is ONLY used for either for generic statistical data or if we need to verify your reporting information! If you choose to post your URL or email address, we cannot stop spammers from roboting email your addresses or websites.

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