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MAAR Banner Guidelines 

Please read MAAR Banner Guidelines as well as all information before submitting a request for a quote. All websites containing pornographic materials, profanity, Anti-Semitic or racial slurs, websites with slanderous accusations against other researchers who contribute to this site or in general or sites containing links to such materials -- will not be used. ISP spamming will not be tolerated and will be reported to appropriate service providers. We use tracking tools to trace down Spammers! We do not allow any advertising of non related subject materials.  

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Subjects Related to MAAR Website

Subjects are:


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 Banner Ad Sizes and Technical Requirements:

Banners supplied by you must follow the following requirements.  For all  full standard static (non rotating) banners need to be under 20 kb and in the following .gif formant. Animated Banners need to be under 35kb an din a .gif format. We will make a banner ad for you if one isn't available.  See Banner Advertisement Pricing.

 Banner Ad Sizes and Technical Requirements:


Either size static text only maximum size 5KB 


Text and graphics static or animated under 10KB

Standard Size under 20 KB static and 35 KB Animated

 Size under 10 KB static and 16 KB Animated

 Side 15 KB Static or Animated

 Side 15 KB Static or Animated

Standard size side banner under 20 KB static and 35 KB Animated





Standard Size under 20 KB static and 35 KB Animated

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Banner Locations:

Menu Page - Top and Bottom, full banner only top is static location and prime ad rate, 392 x 72 or 468 x 60 with three animated rotating image loads, space rental is for 3 month minimum to a one year contract. Front page bottom area A and B are both rotating with a random load each time page is viewed. 

Oblong side banners are either left or right sided on secondary pages and rotate with either static and animated fronts and random loading, they are placed according to subject matter. 

Square are side banners are placed either in life or right columns and rotate with random page load. They are placed according to subject matter on corresponding pages, either static or animated and are random loading

Buttons are in either side or bottom locations, text only no animation and rotate with page load. 

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Spam Policies:

We use tools to trace spammers, locate ISP's, find out real email address and IP addresses. We also are registered members of  community! Spammers will be reported to appropriate ISP's. Help stop the spammers by going to web site below. banner

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Banner Advertisement Pricing

Pricing depends on placement of ad, each page has a static (non revolving) banner and a rotation section. Main page and sub page prices will vary. For further details on pricing please email for a rate quote. The quote will be emailed to you via attached .doc or .rtf file or in an email upon request.

 If you would like a banner created, we have the ability to make one for you . If you prefer,  you can furnish your own (see Banner Ad Sizes and Technical Requirements.)


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