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"The U.S. Government hasn't maintained secrecy regarding UFOs It's been leaking out all over the place. But the way it's been handled is by denial, by denying the truth of the documents that have leaked. By attempting to show them as fraudulent, as bogus of some sort. There has been a very large disinformation and misinformation effort around this whole area. And one must wonder, how better to hide something out in the open than just to say, 'It isn't there. You're deceiving yourself if you think this is true.' And yet, there it is right in front of you. So it's a disinformation effort that's concerning here, not the fact that they have kept the secret. They haven't kept it. It's been getting out into the public for fifty years or more."

-Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut-from a taped interview.


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Mind Control Cults and Getting Support

  By Colleen Johnston © 2003

  There are different types of cults,with various doctrines, as well as those who subject followers to a variety of mental, mind-controlled techniques.  Currently great numbers of end time groups have emerged on the scene with frenzy. Some only mildly affect an attendee's psyche while others inflict major psychological damage that can affect the person for years afterwards. In the case where someone stays in a cult for many years the mind control technique used is layered on like sections of an onion, the subliminal damage may affect the person for many years later. Every aspect of control will affect all corners of the ex-cult member's lifestyle, triggering them mentally, emotionally at different times under different situations or conditions.

Support groups or private counseling benefit the person who has been in a group even a very short while and are a necessity for those whoíve been in a group a year or longer.  The longer someone is in a group the deeper the onion layers are. Some forms of mind control are often very subliminal. I'll give a case in point here.

One young woman who got involved with a UFO channeling group for around three years became frustrated because she had lost the nerve to voice her opinion in front of small groups of people. She on all counts seemed to be a very assertive positive person; a confident woman until it came to addressing a room full of her piers. She would completely freeze up and start to stutter, she even became lightheaded every time the focus shifted on her to speak her opinion at a business luncheon or meeting. Yet, she had no trouble with conversation and closing business deals if it were a one to one setting.

 She had been out of the group for close to two years without counseling and thought she was doing fine. She basically swept the idea of going to a therapist under a rug without giving it much thought.

One afternoon, after a similar one on one conversation with her boss, the employer had asked her to speak at a small business luncheon dealing with company growth. She agreed, thinking that a small group might be okay. Seven prepared her topic. However, with less than 12 hours before the meeting her heart began to pound in her chest the night before the engagement. She became restless and highly agitated without understanding why. She lay in bed semi-awake listening for the alarm to go off and may have slept a couple of hours.  By morning, she had begun to run a fever and was completely exhausted. She became anxious, her head was swimming and her throat became very sore. A few hours before the late morning meeting, she was so psychologically as well as physically ill she had to cancel. Her boss, didnít have time to find a replacement, and had to rush to reschedule the meeting. Once she had called in to work, she immediately started feeling better, which dumbfounded her, but the short notice nearly cost her, her job.

What she didn't recognize was while in the channeling group; she was repeatedly told to shut up and to listen because she couldn't learn if she was talking and she was ignorant, that she couldnít possibly know as much as the channel, simply if she would raise her hand to offer a suggestion or to ask the channeled being a question. The other group members would nod in unison and the woman would humbly apologize. The charismatic leader of this seemingly benign group had implemented many forms of mind control techniques on all his followers.  One way was to dominate a conversation and belittle the assembly if they spoke out of turn during meetings. Yet these people didn't appear to have any appearance of being a cult. They didn't live in a compound, or controlled community. They didnít wear unusual clothing and had no set religious beliefs.

  About twenty-five members met once a month in a larger group to discuss various sightings and UFO reports and a smaller selected group of around fifteen people met twice monthly to listen to a supposed ancient alien master which channeled through the leader about events to come. The smaller group had one thing in common; each believed they had some type of alien contact experience and other anomalous experiences where missing time was involved. She had several episodes of missing time and had a UFO sighting. She stated she was earnestly looking for answers to the enigma when the UFO expert invited her to the smaller sessions.

The group leader had psychologically managed to break the young woman's spirit if she questioned any of the channeled information by repeatedly reinforcing within her that her opinion/questions or voice didn't matter.  He achieved this by setting the group in a circle and after the channeling session opening it up for group questions. If she would ask a question that was against what the group leader taught or one that would prompt others to think beyond group teachings -- he would chastise her in front of the others making her opinion appear invalid.

Every time others would focus their attention towards her, she was subliminally conditioned to believe she was making some type of a mistake and expected retribution on an unconscious level if she said anything at all. She ended up in counseling and dealt with several other layers of insecurity the leader laid upon her that affected all aspects of her life.

Her story is typical of how subtle forms of mind control works to permeate life outside of the group mindset, even for years afterward. Support is important part of recovery and is best if it's done in a professional setting with qualified therapists. Exit groups are okay as long as there is a qualified therapist involved to help someone who triggers in a major type of way. Finding the right therapy may take time, be patient. But please thoroughly check out any support group that is not part of the mainstream.

Unfortunately cult leaders head a small fraction of unknown support groups. In one case a rather large national cult awareness network. It originally became embroiled in a major legal battle, with a Science based cult that clams membership in the hundreds of thousands.  The cult awareness network had no recourse, it hadnít needed dollars to fight, so it was forced to close up shop, but not before the cult group bought the rights to use the name of the group. It is now being used as a recruitment and disinformation center; often indoctrinating ex-cult members with a pro cultic agenda once they contact the group!

ALWAYS ask for accreditation, as well as look for professional associations before jumping headfirst into one.  Support groups ran by former cult members are okay, if there is also professional help coupled with the support. Help is out there, and itís very confidential, donít be surprised if you need it, even years out of a group. Learn to recognize aspects of control and how it affects your everyday life.

Once past the barriers, the sky is the limit to moving forward into healthy relationships with others and developing a positive self-esteem.  

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The Fundamentals of Trauma Based Mind Control

By Eve Lorgen © 2000

This article is meant to be a simplistic overview of trauma based mind control as has been employed in the MK-Ultra Monarch Programming method. It is important to understand the foundation of how and why this type of mind control works, with respect to trauma, dissociation and subsequent programming.

This system of mind control has its origins in Illuminati based black magic practices. Multigenerational Satanic cults and high level Illuminati members have employed mind control for centuries. The basics of this type of mind control slavery was optimized and expanded after World War 2 following the gruesome experiments conducted in the Nazi concentration camps.

Dr. Joseph Mengele, (aka, Dr. Green) disappeared from Auschwitz in January of 1945, and was smuggled into the US by the Illuminati. When Monarch Programming started, the top men were Illuminati. Originally Mengele was the lead Programmer and became skilled in many things including Cabalistic Magic, abortions, torture and programming children.

When Mengele came over to he US, the existing mind control programming jumped from being an occult science, to one that had full access to the Medical, Psychiatric, Judicial, Scientific and Governmental sectors via the power of the National Security Act and the Intelligence Agencies. According to Fritz Springmeyer, author of "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave", the Illuminati created the CIA. Intelligence agencies such as Britainís MI-6 began investigating these mind control techniques early on even in World War 1. These were most likely the early multiple personality Manchurian candidate types of agents.

The Illuminatiís programming of multiple personality agents through trauma, ritual abuse, and hypno-programming was simplistic compared to the sophisticated techniques engineered by the Nazi Germans and even today. Secret mind control experimentation continued after WW2 in the US and also Canada under the CIAís, Project Paperclip.

The primary MK-Ultra project adapted from these early systems was the Monarch Program. The reason why I think this system is important is because it is the original programming used to lay the groundwork for future more sophisticated mind control systems. The main factors for success in Monarch programming is the genetic tendency for dissociation, high intelligence and creativity. 

It was discovered years ago, by the Illuminati that dissociative ability was passed on from generation to generation. The children of multigenerational abuse are good at dissociation. These genetic qualities have been fine tuned and specific bloodlines; both Illuminati and non-Illuminati are closely monitored, so that most Monarch slaves are even chosen before birth. Genealogical records of Illuminati bloodlines are highly guarded secrets, but in general these consist of 13 major families which include the Royal bloodlines of Europe.

The reason why dissociation is important to mind control is because the human mind is more susceptible to hypnotic command in these trance states. Dissociation is also a survival skill of great value in response to trauma and abuse. Frequent traumas, which split the mind of a child before the age of six, will produce multiple personality states. This is also known as dissociative identity disorder. This is one reason why the programming must be done in early childhood and in some cases, infancy and in utero. It is known that trauma based personality splits remain isolated in the mind better than hypnotic based mind splits.
Once the victim is systematically traumatized through various methods, which may include ritual abuse, programming is anchored in to each individual trauma. These dissociated traumas are linked to hypnotic programming commands and scripts. Then the traumatic memories linked in with the programming are walled off with amnesia from the host personality. The traumatized "split" is also known as the newly created alter personality. Alter personalities are created according to the Programmers needs, while the host personality is unaware of the traumatic memories and alters who hold the memories.

The alter personality can be called up to the front of the mind via codes or specific cues that the programmer knows, and be trained to do a variety of functions.

All programming is anchored upon some type of trauma. A variety of scripts may be used, along with specific training for individual alter personalities. This extends into the childhood and adulthood of the slave. The idea behind this is to create the perfect slave who can carry out a variety of functions while maintaining secrecy and obedience to the programmers. Such functions may include assassination, espionage, sexual servicing, couriers, "photographic "mind file data storage, and even psychic abilities.

There are other important elements employed in Monarch mind control such as the overlaying of demonic entities through ritual, or the power of ancestral generational spirits, which may make the person very psychic. Many of the Monarch victims are chosen because they have a powerful level of generational spirits within their families, who may have practiced black magic for generations.

Nowadays, sophisticated scientific technology is also used, such as biochip implants, electroshock, drugs and brain wave entrainment systems to lock in hypno-programming more effectively. Real physical trauma is sometimes substituted for virtual reality headgear, which simulate horrific traumas to quickly split the mind, priming it for programming.

The important thing to remember is that the powerhouse behind this type of mind control system is demonic and technical. The key to freedom lies in deliverance and specific deprogramming therapy and support systems. These specifics, along with the importance of victim safety, will be addressed in the next article.

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Identifying Mind Control and Abductions

By Eve Lorgen, M.A. © 2000

Mind control is a vast subject matter involving many levels of sophisticated technologies designed to control human thought, emotion and behavior. Much information is already known about the application of what is sometimes referred as "non-lethal weapons technology."

My aim with this article and future ones will focus on the identification and recovery of both human and alien methods of mind control.* Proper identification and diagnostic assessment of these problems are necessary so that true support and therapy can be obtained for those seeking answers and help.* This will include mind control used in MILAB (Military) abductions. MILABS is a term used to describe abductions by human military personnel, reported by persons who also had the classic "alien abductions". Very often the MILAB abductees report humans and aliens working in tandem in the abduction scenario. Some MILABS only report humans or apparent military personnel involved in abductions. This is not an either/or situation, because an abductee may report in one incident, strictly humans in one abduction, and then aliens in another, and then aliens and humans in another experience. 

There are MILAB abductees who do not experience the alien element, but claim to be under mind control conducted by secret human agencies such as the CIA, NSA and Illuminati. Some secret projects have been identified as those of the149 sub-projects under MK-Ultra. Then there are mind control "survivors" who have been grafted into some of these secret projects (i.e., Monarch, Phoenix Project) because of a high psychic ability, family history of occult involvement such as advanced level witchcraft, Satanism, or are of an "Illuminati bloodline".

As you can see, this field of mind control and abductions is complex because there are different types of abductions and victims of mind control. In Ufology, you will hear reports of positive extraterrestrial encounters, where the abduction element is absent. Some persons report benevolent ET contacts or encounters where the aliens are perceived as neutral. Such persons believe that they are not victims of abductions or mind control and consider the negative alien abduction hypothesis as offensive.

I take the approach of caution with reports of "positive ETs" simply because of the volume of deceitful alien behaviors reported in abduction accounts. I do not assume positive ET contacts are truly positive until I can somehow rule out whether the "experiencer" in question is subject to alien manipulation and mind control. To make this assessment, one must try to elicit as much information as possible about the history of the "contactee". For example, has the person experienced several UFO sightings in their life, missing time episodes, unexplained body marks, implants or abduction related health issues? Is the person involved in channeling, witchcraft, or have a family history of ritual abuse, or Illuminati connections? Is he/she dissociative with indications of MPD/DID
(Multiple personality disorder), bi-polar illness, major depression or schizophrenia? Is the person employed by any intelligence agencies or an operative of disinformation? Does he/she experience a lot of paranormal or poltergeistic activity? What is the spiritual orientation and emotional state of the individual? Are they bent on a mission to disseminate the classic "Hive" alien propaganda?

The reason I ask such questions is to rule out whether the person is an MK Ultra mind controlled "operative", ritual abuse victim, MILAB or alien abductee, or none of the above.

When working with recovery of mind control and abductions it is important to have a thorough understanding of how basic mind control programming is applied in known victims of MK-Ultra such as "Monarch" programming. One such resource is the large volume series authored by Wheeler and Springmeyer entitled, "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave." This series is a fundamental basic in describing the methods of choosing, traumatizing, dissociating, structuring and complete mind control programming of its victims. This method involves a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual component. The reason why this type of mind control is so effective is because of its demonic control of the whole system. In other words, the main power structure to lock in mind control programming is due to demonic control that is layered into the victim (via "attached entities") after they have been "traumatized" and personality fractured. 

Various types of hypno-programming are also used to insert commands for specific behaviors and booby traps to prevent identification of the mind controlled systems. In essence, the mind control is self-activated and demonically controlled at the same time. Physical implants may also be used to monitor and manipulate the individual.

In alien mind controlled systems, the methods are more subtle and sophisticated. Overt dissociative characteristics are not as evident, but the programming is probably still present. Psychic and spiritual linking between abductee and "aliens" is also a covert method of alien control and manipulation of the abductee. 

Therapeutic recovery from mind control and abductions, should involve a three tiered approach. Spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical balancing. This means working from a spiritual level that should involve prayer, deliverance or even exorcism from attached demonic entities. After the spiritual foundation is strengthened, then the therapist and client can work on identifying and deactivating the mind controlled systems and then emotional processing. This can take many years and should not be done in haste or without a qualified professional.

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