The Mysticism of Melchizedek - Another Universal Seduction

By Colleen Johnston © 2004

  Note: Colleen Johnston is a former UFO cult member, UFO cult researcher as well as alien abduction researcher. No part of this article can be used in part or any form without expressed written consent. For use permission or comments please email her at:

Cultic ideologies come and go – many are benign in nature and are rarely discussed within the media, unless a group does something so bazaar such as mass suicide or claiming to clone humans.

Channeling cults are nothing new either as they have been around for centuries. But the emergence of UFO channeling cults dealing with the various aspects of Melchidezek [1][1]principles is disturbing because it seems that not only is the name and text taken out of context but totally perverted into something else – something alien. According to more traditional scriptures Melchidezek appears in the Hebrew Bible as a non-Israelite king mentioned in both Genesis and Psalms One can type in the keywords Melchizedek into any search engine and a myriad of information comes up at light speed.  What you’ll find is mostly associated with people or groups dealing with channeling alien deities or profession to unlock the secrets of the universe. BEWARE!

Since the discovery of The Dead Sea Scrolls[2][2] in 1947 the mysterious Melchizedek has been interpreted as being the “King of Righteousness” the King of Salem who Abraham  (Abraham is the one Biblical figure who binds Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim faiths together as being the father of each faith) reference in the scrolls state Abraham recognizes his priestly status by tithing to him. Also found at Khirbet Qumran caves was a reference that Melchidezek was an angel equal to the ranking of the archangel Michael. Its also stated “Melchizedek will also execute judgment on Satan and the spirits of his lot.  In this context, Psalm 82:1-2 is interpreted eschatologically of Melchizedek's judgment of the fallen angels: the "gods" (Elohim) who takes his stand in the assembly of God (El) is the heavenly being Melchizedek; he will judge in the midst of the other "gods" (Elohim) (2.9-14).  The fact that in line 11 it is said that it is God (El) who will judge the peoples, citing Psalm 7:8, indicates that the angel Melchizedek is the instrument of God's eschatological judgment.”

Many Melchizedek followers have taken that somehow that Melchizedek is a future godlike persona and is the new Christ Messiah who has dominion over evil forces and possibly is an alien being that interacted with humankind in the ancient past and that he will return.

The group leaders like, JJ Hurtak[3], Drunvalo Melchizedek[4] have taken and twisted scroll  text to suit their own purposes. Hurtak as well as Drunvalo blend their knowledge of mathematics, religion and new age types of ideologies to concoct a brew that is potentially one of the most dangerous types philosophies because there is a great deal of egotism involved (with the leadership as well as those who are in a higher position) and many groups members will branch off into similarly orientated groups. It’s like an infestation of demons of the alien variety. It’s my belief, because of research and personal experiences that there’s genuine alien interaction 0 it has a dark connotation at the root core. Entities indeed channel through these people and run these groups –they are the soul eaters of the Universe.


Current Groups using Melchizedek within their Ideologies. These do not include legitimate Melchidezek bible studies from conventional theological routes.


The Urantia Foundation – (started in 1955)

The Academy of Future Science – Keys of Enoch – JJ Hurtak 

Flower of Life Academy – Drunvalo ‘Melchizedek’  (changed name)

Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy – Joshua David Stone  

Melchizedek Academy of Soul Education International - Sylvia Sharama Shanti

Carol Pate Psychic Center – New Age Christian Church - Psychic Carol Pate (AKA as The Jeweled Orb)  uses JJ Hurtak’s books, ideologies in her inner group called the Council

Quantum Future School – Laura Knight Jadczyk 

Accelerated DNA Recoding and The Multidimensional Keys of Compassion – Jelaila and Jonathan Starr 

Sanctuary of the Beloved, Order of Melchizedek Carolyn Holtgrewe

The Councils of Orion  - Ashtar Command 

The KAMADON Academy - Alton Kamadon

The Melchidezek Pleiadan Body of Light - Anrita ‘Melchizedek’ 

Starseed and Urantian Schools of Melchizedek – Gabriel of Sedona – Niann Chase

Life of Light – Paul & Alexandria Welsh Roberts

A Course in Light - Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan

The Spirit Gathering – Rev. Gloria Ball

Order of Melchizedek – EriEL

The Order of Melchizedek – World Light Fellowship

The Melchizedek Bible - David Evan Pedley


There are some one hundred thousand plus web sites and pages devoted to the above! And in some cases, the aforementioned groups are splits from other older groups. Any time anyone thinks they hold all the answers to the universe via ‘divine Melchidezek’ channeling please BEWARE!

 The creatures that use the front of Melchizedek are very real; they are not like demons in the sense they HAVE FREE WILL to do exactly what they please. You don’t even have to invite the creature in – just be willing to channel and they will undoubtedly show up.

The sincere way to stop the creatures altogether, is to NOT channel any information whatsoever! Or NOT buy into the channeled information and to devise a test of the information. Questioning information is a good, not bad idea. You have a right to protect yourself and your loved ones from this serious type of harm.

 Colleen Johnston



  Note: Colleen Johnston is a former UFO cult member, UFO cult researcher as well as alien abduction researcher. No part of this article can be used in part or any form without expressed written consent. For use permission or comments please email her at:

[1] Melchizedek – according to Gnostic writings and The Nag Hammadi Library Melchizedek is the supposedly the return of Jesus Christ to descend upon earth during the time of tribulation see: http:// and 1) MELCHIZEDEK IN THE HEBREW BIBLE. This non-Israelite priest-king appears in two places in the Hebrew Bible: Genesis 14:18-20 and Psalm 110:4. My own reading of the texts is that Genesis is drawing on traditional material from the Judean royal cult (or perhaps even from pre-Israelite traditions) to tie the more recently introduced figure Abram to Jerusalem (Salem) and its temple cult. Psalm 110 seems to indicate that there was a priesthood of Melchizedek tied to the Davidic king in the temple cult. I argue for some of this in my article "Melchizedek: King, Priest, and God" (see annotated bibliography), but my views have developed considerably since I wrote that article several years ago. I still do think that he was a tutelary deity of the Davidic house along the lines of ancestral deification in West Semitic royal cults.

[2] Dead Sea Scrolls – found in 1947 by a Bedouin shepherd in Khirbet Qumran they contain historical records during the time of Christ as well as fragmented parts of biblical text that included reference to Melchizedek. See:


[3] JJ Hurtak – founder of the Academy of Light Sciences whom in the early 1970 formed a group surrounding the ‘Brotherhood of Melchizedek’ extraterrestrial beings he claimed he had contact with.

[4] Drunvalo Melchizedek – founder of the Teacher and Founder of the Flower of Life Center and Workshops. He majored in physics and minored in mathematics at the University of California at Berkley. He also claims meeting angels, basically the same information JJ Hurtak formulates


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