Commentary on   Communion with the Zeta’s About Pole Shits and Planet X

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Note: Colleen Johnston is a former UFO cult member, UFO cult researcher as well as alien abduction researcher. No part of this article can be used in part or any form without expressed written consent. For use permission or comments please email her at:

This isn’t to put down anything that the curator of the ZetaTalk website is doing. I sincerely believe that the person genuinely deems she’s in communion with the Zetas.  In the same breath, I think the site bares watching - just incase she begins to manipulate the information in lieu of dates passing without events.

My research for the last decade indicates that the creatures are indeed alien entities – just not what they are supposedly portraying themselves to me.  Most mainstream Christians believe that they are demonic. I disagree because I have studied demonology since I was 14 years old and understand what spiritual laws demons must abide by. 

Demons must follow specific rules of engagement, which is outlined under a divinely ordered spiritual law. According to demonologists and ministers, priests who are involved in exorcism, demons do not have free will and must abide under the authority of the Heavenly Father and in Christian beliefs, Jesus Christ. Below are the basic rules.

1.       First a doorway must be opened – often trying to communicate with dead spirits – playing with an Ouija board [1]or messing in dark witchcraft and summoning demonic entities. Or they are opening up for channeling, automatic writing, etc. This is so dangerous as the person with good intention is opening himself or herself to communicate with the unknown.


2.       Demons must announce their intent by warning the victim; this usually occurs with an announcement that comes in threes – three knocks at a door, rings on a telephone, scratch marks, even something like three snakes on a front porch.  The 3 represent a perversion of the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


3.       Demons come with a smell – smell of a dirty wet dog, or animal - rotting flesh mingles in the air sometimes with a heavy smell of Sulphur or acidic smell.


4.       There is usually an infestation of some sort within the residence just prior to invasion – bugs, rodents, even one case I’ve studied, flesh flies.



 Aliens have free will to do and say what they want. They do not follow any laws or play by the rules set by the Heavenly Father.  I believe they do this, whether the information comes via individual or to a group, it usually will change before the desired ‘date’ is to arrive. Interestingly this type of warning is commonplace once the communication is established. Often in the beginning the ‘beings ‘ will give reasonably checkable information, usually outside of the mediums[2] area of knowledge. 

After they establish a reasonable credibility with the individual or group of people, the entities will start to give distant apocalyptic situations with are intriguing but, often just weeks before will change the direction case in point is the Zeta’s insistence of a Polar shift and the Planet X information.

Repeatedly, this type of information is ALWAYS changed, just before the date. Other information that the Zetas claim to be intact – is easily obtainable to anyone who has a computer or knowledge in earth sciences, or an interest in astronomy and world events. I also think many unscrupulous people will use this information to their advantage.  Not that the Zeta channel is purposely doing this, I sincerely think it depends just how much her ego is involved and if she is starting to gain a following – putting a group together.  A perversion will occur after some time. It took a couple of years for the information to subtly shift in the group I was in.   We started out as a new age Christian healing group and once the ET connection got involved – it shifted to very apocalyptic earth changing information.

 I am concerned because it seems like Nancy scrambled to validate the invalid information-quoting people like Mitch Batros, Silvia Brown and Mark Hazelwood. She has information about a pole shift – and the legitimate information about iron magma building under the South Africa has been known for a while by mainstream science since 1999.

One must also question that the date the pole shift was supposed to happen (05/15/2003) came and went and the Zeta’s, which proclaimed it would happen suddenly reneged claiming the information was a test (known as the White Lie) to see if world governments would react.

And quoting the channel of ZetaTalk,  May 15 date was part of the White Lie. This included the 7.3 weeks of naked eye visibility leading up to that date, so that when naked eye viewing of a red light fading in and out at our coordinates became visible in very late March, this brought weight to the May 15 date. All was designed to fool the establishment. We avoided, scrupulously, any efforts during the spring of 2003 to pin us down to distance, allowing humans to speculate on the distance from Earth instead.”

And another quote from the channeled Zetas,We also stated firmly in Nov, 2001, that no date would be given as it would allow the establishment to mistreat the populace.

We must question when dates come and pass by, when information shifts and changes into something else, or the dates get extended.


 It’s easy to get caught up in the information because we are genuinely in an earth cycle that happens every 500,000 plus years. Also, read The Sunday Times of New Zealand article:


According to the Canadian government and their geological survey - they have been monitoring the pole regularly since 2001. It is important to realize that the position of the north magnetic pole constantly shifts. The Magnetic Pole wanders daily around this average position and, on days when the magnetic field is disturbed, may be shifts by 80 km or more. Even though the North Magnetic Pole's motion on any given day is erratic, the average path forms a precise oval shape.   As far as the information dealing with iron magma building under Africa - it deals with a magnetic shift - not a physical one of the planet, so far. 

Magnetic shifts and cause major disruptions with animals that use magnetic guidance, such as whales, homing pigeons, and with those systems that rely on a compass navigation. it will also create a higher than normal  amount of radioactive materials from space to affect areas that are not normally affected.

It doesn't mean the end of the world. It certainly doesn't mean that one has to somehow empower the entities channelings to get the information. One can readily find the information on the Internet. 

We must keep a vigilant, watchful eye about channels or information that is channeled from supposedly benevolent stellar beings, period. If I am correct about the true nature of these creatures and the ability they possess to eventually take over the ego of the channel than the channel themselves, we are in for some serious times that will be very hard to see our way through to the truth.  

There is phenomena, there are abductions happening, there are physical planetary changes that cycle through, with or without humans living on the surface. But instead of channeled info which can seldom be checked, encourage yourself to search for worldwide data - hard evidence first and foremost, without delving into channeling or channeled information.



[1] Ouija board – A game using a board which is marked with letters, numbers and the words "yes" and "no." A pointer on a raised platform selects a character or word. One or two players place their fingers on the platform, which moves -- apparently by magic.

[2] Medium – a person who is used as a tool for communication with spirits, entities, aliens, etc,.

  Note: Colleen Johnston is a former UFO cult member, UFO cult researcher as well as alien abduction researcher. No part of this article can be used in part or any form without expressed written consent. For use permission or comments please email her


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