The Nibiruan Council Fact, Fiction or Prophets for Profit!

By Colleen Johnston © 2004


The walk-ins Jehowah and Jelaila Starr

 Something happened to Joscelyn Kelley back in 1992 she had a spiritual awakening.  Joscelyn became a walk-in Starseed called Jelaila.

  Jocylene supposedly left her body and supposedly had a change occur within her. She claims to be a walk-in named Jelaila who took possession of Mrs. Kelley a dozen years ago and then the walk-in Jelaila married fellow Nibiruan  ‘walk-in’ Jehowah (Jonathan) Starr.  Mrs. Starr claims she became aware of her ‘walk-in’ in December of 1995. In January of 1997 she was ‘trained’ as a galactic messenger and founded The Nibiruan Council, named after the 12th planet of the solar system, she believes is Nibiru. 

  The ‘walk-in’ tale of Jelaila is so outlandish – but I will briefly describe it to you here. According to the Nibiruan website, when Joscelyn stepped aside – Jelaila rushed in to take her place. This walk-in occurred as Jocylene lay passed out in an abortion clinic after terminating her 4-week unwanted pregnancy.

  Jelaila claims she has contact with Joscelyn who is currently residing on Nibru (with or without a body?) and Mrs. Kelly visits her via channelings or dream state. Joscelyn also had a daughter who was left in the care of Jelaila.  She, the walk-in, has the same fondness for cats, even same type of cats – and believes she is from a cat race of beings called 9D meaning 9th dimensional Felines. Jonathan is from a (AKA Jehowah) supposedly is a 9D reptilian being. A 9D feline called Devin guides Jelaila allegedly and is her brother in the 9th dimensional realms.

  Jelaila Starr heads a alien identity based group and channels information from Galactic Federation’s Nibiruan Council. There may be some truth to this concerning channeling groups – as I detail it in my upcoming book, but the probability exists that there is a great deal ego as well as alien involved – just not what the entities are claiming to be. (See details at

  Her ideologies are also similar to Anna Hayes (AKA Ashayana Deanne, AKA Anna Gruber) as well as Laura Knight Jadczyk and Carol Pate (AKA The Jeweled Orb) as well and other Starseed based alien contact groups with either a positive or apocalyptic message.

  The Nibiruan Council center is headquartered in Kansas City, MO and the beliefs are hardly separable from the cookie cutter cultdom ideologies of the afore with the exception that the Starr’s claim to be a ‘for profit business’ and not a non-profit religious group. For profit is an understatement. She also is a minister and I am sure uses her religious belief as a scapegoat to hide behind in case of lawsuits from former members. Their business is selling the Nibiruan Starseed fantasy for a great deal of profit.


It’s expensive to become a Nibiruan Starseed

 It costs a great deal of money to become apart of this exclusive group – with initial ‘ Are you a Nibiruan - Starseed type readings‘ with session prices ranging at 125.00 an hour with Jelaila and 100.00 an hour with Jonathan. Even if it takes only a few minutes to find out if you are a special Starseed (I am sure they’ll claim indeed YOU are, if you’ve paid the cash) you will pay the hour price. They both claim to be Remote viewers and psychically gifted but request that you send (along with payment) a list of questions PRIOR to the supposedly psychic session. It’s promised that questions will not be delved into before session time) this is where you have a session with either Starr to decide. It is called the  General Counseling Session’. This is the first step in the counseling work offered by the alleged Nibiruan Council. In this session you are supposed to discover whom you are, where you came from, your life purpose, and how to get to the next step on your spiritual path etc. Chances are, you’ll be told you’ve got a ‘life blueprint ‘ to become a Nibiruan Councilor[1]

 Then a potential Nibiruan recruit must pay about 2300.00 plus dollars and up to become a Nibiruan Councilor. Initially there are mini sessions done in groups, which usually are a basic live infomercial for the Starr’s goods, workshops and that cost 20.00 to 40.00 dollars. These sessions last for around one to one and a half hours and the Nibiruan dream is discussed. Jelaila Starr, according to one former member, is very charismatic in her introduction to Nibiruan lifestyle and is well versed in the power of persuasion. She discusses information about Starseeds and her readings, workshops and becoming a ‘Galactic Human’.

  Sold at these events, are books, tapes, vitamin supplements, colon cleanse kits and other pricey kits that you must buy for additional cost if you decide that you are a Starseed and have a ‘Life Blueprint’ reading from either Starr. The tapes range from 9.95, videos at 19.95 and kits ranging form 20.00 to 799.00 dollars. By the time you learn if you are a Starseed[2] and become a “Galactic Councilor Apprentice[3]’ you could very well pay a few thousand dollars, this doesn’t include travel expenses and conference offerings which Starseeds are expected to pay! You are also expected to buy and sell the products…BEWARE. This is nothing more than a moneymaking pyramid scam thoughtfully laid out by the Starr’s!  Councilors are all over the country from coastline to coastline and occasionally the Starrs recruit at mind, body, spirit and psychic fairs[4].

  In the workshops the Starr’s use very common as well as normal psychological traits to separate the Starseed, walk-in from the regular Joe. Star-trek type of terminologies are used as well as egos are stroked in the attempt to convince the recruit they are indeed Starseeds and need to learn further via the Starr’s workshops. At least in the beginning these classes sound attractive to the recruit. Recently I have gotten information from a few former members who’ve claimed that these empowerment sessions of becoming a Galactic Councilor[5] is misleading and pricey as well as mentally degrading and depressing. The prospective GC must sign an agreement before attending classes. Techniques are used to badger and degrade the prospect – such as calling people  ‘On the Carpet’ that results in a tearing down of the ego to shreds, which is a common a mind control technique used by various groups to break the will and then reprogram the prospect. The goal is to tear down the ego and then to employ the group mindset in place of the prospects own thoughts and feelings, especially objections the new  NCA might have. 


Does This Mumbo-jumbo sound familiar? Then BEWARE!

  Now, looking into the group’s philosophies, they are familiar with Zachariah Sitchin’s books (the five books of The Earth Chronicles Series) and writings, and literal star trek terminologies. It is almost verbatim of Sitchin’s Theories including mankind’s origins, the12th planet Nibru and a good and evil duel among galactic races which many UFO type of groups use. 

   Furthermore, Mrs. Starr claims to be uncomplicated teacher when in fact the terminology is very complicated, hard to follow and more science fiction based than fact. It is nothing more than complicated rhetoric and some fast double-talking dealing with stargates, dark stars and bad alien’s verses the good ones. She also promotes her Galactic Councilor classes, readings as prerequisites so be prepared to shell out a few hundred dollars beforehand. GC’s think they are becoming councilors when in fact they are becoming apprentices and are used (I might add at their own expense according to one member) to assist in the sale of the Starr’s tapes, books, and other materials at various conferences and teaching events.

  There seems to be a perpetual ‘carrot’ dangled in front of students and prospective members until large sums of monies are paid for learning, According to ex members, they are put through emotional hell to either submit to the teaching or walk away WITHOUT a refund of course!  Once the ‘on the carpet’ session starts the Apprentice has already signed a Mentor/Apprentice Agreement[6], which consists of a multiple page contract - If they walk away, it’s without the monies.


 Below gives an idea of costs are this is only an estimate and doesn’t include hotels, airfare, food or other out of pocket expenses.


Prerequisites to becoming a GC

Costs rounded to the nearest dollar

1. Person must have galactic level counselor on your Life Blueprint ( I have Session Tape costs 10.00 via either Mr. or Mrs. Starr’s ‘readings’. I also noted that on the website a 16.00 price was added for session tapes.


2. Person must read, “We are the Nibiruans.”


3. Person must have begun the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process.


4. Person must have read the “DNA Update Booklet”, and the “DNA Chart Booklet.”


5. Person must have listened to tapes, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 19, and 26, and watched Video 10.


6. Person must have completed a Nibiruan Councilor colon and liver cleanse. (How to booklet added at 4.00)


7. Person must read and been using the Keys of Compassion for at least 1 month.


8. Person must have completed 1 DNA Recoding/Emotional Clearing workshop.


9. Person must have read and agreed in writing by email with the Galactic Counselor Workshop agreements (site claims it will be sent to you by email before final payment is due).


10. Taking all GC level 1-4 workshops


11. GC refresher sessions


Total Costs ( not including other expenses)



Refresher classes are mandatory for GC’s at 399.00 are taken once councilor status is reached.  And many NC’s are required to be at special training sessions at their expense and to attend events regardless of cost.

  One former member told me that she’d invested around 4,000 only to be disillusioned and confused by her Nibiruan experience as well as emotionally beat up at one of the ‘on the carpet’ sessions. This doesn’t include the expenses of attending conferences, hotel fees, purchasing Nibiruan materials to resell, food and other expenses. The NCA only nets a 30% of goods sold. It’s ever quite enough to make up for the monies they put out, another member told me.


Workshops, Teachings and the Starrs Articles

  Articles run the believer in circles clearly stating that none of the ‘event’s’ predicted by Nostradamus, and other noted intuitive people have not come to pass. I have found by reading the articles that they will often contradict other information written about. 


Example: An ascension article written in 1999 firmly states that we are ascending and who we can tell


 In a 1999 article she claims that because California hasn’t suffered a massive earthquake or other predictions have not come true, including Comet Lee, (in an earlier article the Nibiruans are preparing earthlings for the impact) that was supposed to signify a thumbs up for humanity because bad events had passed without much fanfare. In her interpretation Comet Lee was the ‘King Of Terror’ [7]discussed by Nostradamus[8] dealing with a quatrain [9], from the 10 century that was supposed to pummel earth.


The Quatrain has been debated from all sides as to it's meaning Here it is in both French and English translations and i am more inclined to believe it may deal with the September 11th event.:


L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

English tranlation:

The year 1999 and seven (some interpretations say nine) months,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.



 She goes on to indicate that earth was indeed out of the woods from these events. In a latter article dealing with the September 11, 2001 incidents, she states, that people need to use this event as a wake up call and that there were events to be faced both positive and negative.

   In my opinion meaning (and noting she was backtracking from an earlier 1999 statement) that bad things do happen – instead of just good things.  She goes on to further say that there are supposedly two sides of ascension a dark side and not just a thumb’s up version. This is a direct dichotomy from the 1999 revelations of events that she claims were squashed by human kind’s ascension and acceptance in the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

 Then, after a rather dark dream scenario, dealing with Sept.11th attack on the USA in 2001, she relates, that the next attack will be of a much larger event and will force us into accepting the “chip” – meaning an implanted detection devise under the skin. This in Jelaila opinion is concluding step in their (meaning the Bush administration) plan. She concludes that this device will enslave everyone and will be used to control the mind. I do note that she is ultra careful NOT to list dates. That way she’s not trapped when others question her validity.


You can read for yourself all articles pertaining to the above at

 So which is it, are we ascending peacefully into the universe and melding with our Nibiruan brotherhood or are we experiencing valid events due to global warming, evil people,  cyclic changes and major pollution to our planets ecosystem that the Federation has missed? Are these galactic messengers so mixed up and confused? In another area Jelaila, the walk-in, claims to be scattered, disorganized, clumsy and then states she appreciate Jocelyn's ability to be organized - BUT my question is, if the deposed Mrs. Kelly is on Nibru and NOT in HER body, then how can Joscelyn do this for Jelaila?

 Since 1999 in fact we have had a major terrorist attack against the United States (possibly relating to the ‘King of Terror’ quatrain, and we’ve also had unusual sun anomalies such as a solar polar flip, along with major solar storms. Earth has experienced extreme weather events, such as record flooding all over the USA and the world as well. 

 Science has recently discovered that the magnetic poles are indeed shifting with iron ore magma building up under Africa. (See article written by a reporter from Australia below):

 This is not psychic prediction (which by the way, I have nothing against as I believe everyone has intuitive abilities) – but solid science. In 1995 there was a meeting of the worlds top scientist stating at the Global Warming Conference that the cause and affect of what we’ve done to the planet will reap disastrous events starting within the next decade and it has! Sure - we all want a happy outcome to events – but the fact remains that the earth goes through cycles like everything else. We are in a cycle that changes the planet and enhanced by the use of fossil fuels and pollutants by factories as well as the rape and pillaging of major rain forest areas.  Check out the website below as you’ll find plenty of science backed dilemmas from the EPA’s government website! You don’t need a Nibiruan to tell you that!

 I have repeatedly found that channeled information in ANY form is unreliable and either falsified by the channel or a demonic entity and possibly an alien entity connected itself to the channel’s ego and body and they are using the channel.  These are insidious creatures that will use the energies of a group the channel well as those involved in the channels group to empower itself within our dimensional reality and to eventually manifest in the medium who’s doing the channeling FULL TIME. Not a possession, but an eventual actual takeover.  They feed from it.

 If you insist on being part of ANY group, first watch the group for a while.  Please ask the leadership you’d like to speak with former members, etc who’ve taken workshops and ask them why they are no longer part of the group. If they are no longer involved as the leader why. As why such supposedly free universal information costs so much to hear or learn about. Also do background checks on these leaders. Once you are involved it’s very hard to walk away if the supposed teachers are manipulating your life and using mind control. It can take YEARS of therapy to recover if you’re badgered enough.

Look at a group’s structure; here are questions you should ask that should raise red flags if a straight answer isn’t given:

 1. Are they a pyramidal type of leadership with information coming from the top people? 

2. Are you asked to sell Groups products by putting up monies beforehand; buying slightly discounted items without having the ability to earn a fair and balanced return, hourly income or a salary?

3. Are you required to take one pricey workshop after another and shamed told something like’ it’s your spiritual duty, etc or made to feel bad when you can’t afford to do so?

4. Are the workshops structured to reprogram your own thinking, i.e., with titles like, emotional cleansing, Starseed reprogramming, getting rid of ore old self, finding your inner child, etc?

5. Are workshops several days in length at a wilderness or some type of conference retreat? (This in itself is a danger as skilled leaders will set up a several day session, using other group members as well to reprogram your thinking)

6. Are you required to place the group before your family duties, your own needs such as attending REQUIRED daily or weekly meetings without question, conference events even if you cannot afford attending or paying for conference trips etc?

7. Are you made to feel bad by leadership or other group members if you ask questions that involve leadership’s teachings or if you find contrary behaviors that are opposed to teachings and you question them?

8. Are there sessions that are designed to tear down emotions, using guilt, shame, psychological tools used to pull you apart then supposedly  put you back together again.

Answer YES to any the above is an indication the group, leadership is up to no good. The sad part to all this is, people are taken advantage of – cults are formed and some people will possibly die as a result of channeled information.

As benign as Nibiruan group seems – there is an innocuous undercurrent that pulls down and feeds off the psyche of the recruited members, according to several former affiliates.  I cannot say this enough, it’s better to learn information on your own terms that to get involved with a channel and his or her group.  Listen to red flags – be suspicious of this type of information! Jelaila claims to be a compassionate teacher – where is the compassion when she mentally degrades a person with her, 'on the Carpet’ sessions?

It’s better to pass this group up – if you ever see them at a fair or conference event. You don’t have to learn the hard way – ever!



[1]  Nibiruan Councilor - To become part of the Nibiruan society and to help others learn if they are Starseeds, etc.

[2] Starseed – Supposedly unusual symptoms that indicate that a person is not from earth. Actual ‘symptoms’ are common place physical, emotional or intellectual things that  normal people who are conscious have.

[3] Galactic Councilor Apprentice – a class taught by the Starrs as well as the Starrs protégées.  Supposedly teaching others to become councilors to work with people, do readings and sell the Starr’s materials.

[4] Psychic Fair – A gathering of New Age items, products, and psychic consultations. Usually hosted by a group. The fair will offer short workshops to visitors from some of the readers. They are usually held in small conference areas.

[5] Galactic Councilor – Trained person to teach the GC course to prospective recruits. A Galactic Counselor is someone with a contract on his or her ‘Life Blueprint’ to provide galactic-level counseling. This can only be seen by the Starr’s or trained councilors and the GC’s mission is to do work in the spiritual realms. According to the Starr’s website, they are trained to go beyond human selves in order to work in the galactic realms where most guides and Starseed parents are found. They also are trained to supposedly assist clients to reprogram their DNA.


[6] Mentor/Apprentice Agreement – A 11 plus page document that is sprung on Nibiruan Councilor Apprentices dealing with rules, and legal documents that relieve Starr of ANY wrongdoing BEFORE training has begun.

[7] King of Terror – a prediction from Nostradamus from one of his quatrains. See MAAR earth changes, prophecy section. Many believe this King of Terror – represents Al Quida and Ben Laudin and the attacks on the United States. Other notables are that it may represent a future attack by China or North Korea with backing from Russia.

[8] Nostradamus – a 15th century famous prophet born in France who wrote about the worlds coming events many claim that are coming to pass today

[9] Quatrain – A stanza or poem of four lines.


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