The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Update – Prison Door Slams on Dwight York

By Colleen Johnston  © 2004

Where are the ships and the dimensional portals that would open in 2003 to intermingle among the Nuwaubian Nation located in Eatonton, GA? They didn’t come. The only thing that did happen was the sentencing of 58 year old the Nation of Moors leader, ex-conman Dwight ‘Malachi Z’ York. A long chapter is coming to the end as far as leader York is concerned.

  Thursday, April 22, 2004 Dwight York, leader of this group was sentenced to 35 years in federal prison for molesting 13 (out of 77counts still forthcoming) children and remained silent as Judge Ashley Royal passed down the sentence. He was convicted in January of 2004 of the charges.


York dressed  in Egyptian Garb sitting in his compound. Photo provided by a former group member York being led from courthouse in prisoner garb Thursday, April 22,  2004

  Dwight was also sentenced for racketeering. He stood in a filled courtroom claiming he was unjustly prosecuted and that the trial had nothing to do with child molestation but for his religious beliefs. The defense disputed that the government was out to get the generally black sect because its beliefs were outside the conventional religious philosophies.

  Before the sentence was handed down York also proclaimed that he was a Native American chief named “Black Thunderbird” with duel citizenship in Liberia. He said it was obvious just by looking at his skin and hair texture that he was Native American.

  Those beliefs according to the prosecutors of this case included multiple wives and grooming young teenage girls and boys to help him seduce and have sex with even younger children.  And if these girls please York, they would get prizes like outings to a discount store for diamond rings and personal items, or out to eat at a restaurant. If they angered him he would publicly humiliate them and would ration food and other needed supplies such as sanitary napkins, making them fill out forms to obtain such items.

York never paid the compounds group members but claimed to keep the monies for reward/punishment system de devised.

Judge Royal used federal sentencing guidelines in sentencing York to 135 years in federal prison and making him surrender all holdings to property in Putnam County, GA and in Athens in addition to $400,000 in cash removed during the May 2002 raid of York's compound. Today, Royal will hear testimony on whether York should pay restitution to his victims and their families.

U.S. Attorney Max Wood is satisfied with Royals sentencing and said monies to pay the victims would come from the cash and property that authorities seized.  One property, The Nuwaubian compound, is a 476 -acre site filled with replicas of ancient Egyptian Pyramids and the Sphinx. 

The cult has a long history of deception and also contains a mixed bad of ideologies.  This included teachings from, Native American Indian cultures, Judaism, Christianity, Melchadezek mysticism, Ancient Egyptian mysticism, and in the belief York claimed to be an Alien being from 19th galaxy called Illyuwn and that he and other members were from the planet, "Rizq". He formed the Nubian Islamic Hebrews –AKA York was leader of Messiah based cult in mid 1970’s in Brooklyn, NY after leaving prison for robbery (See pervious article that I wrote Cults with the Potential to Kill).  He prayed upon the social economical fears and hopes of his followers with promises of Grandeur, leading them into the Catskills of NY then to Eatonton, GA, They have also been called the Yamassee Native American Nuwaubians.

A 1993 FBI report has emerged claiming the group was a front for a wide range of unlawful activity that included, welfare fraud, extortion and arson.

I was chastised by a two cult members, (one member who is a newspaper journalist in GA and another person who said I was quote’ dead meat’ if I ever came into GA) just prior to York’s arrest in May of 2002.  No doubt, because the ideology of this group was so powerful, the cult will continue on with other leadership. Cult members are literally scattered across the USA and abroad and include well-known faces that are in the entertainment business. One of the former cult members said the group’s base is over 40,000 strong, possibly larger.

Hopefully the group will fall apart with leader York in prison.  But the potential still remains that followers of the Nuwaubian philosophy will continue on, and will not disband. One chapter is closed and the victims of the long time abuse will slowly recover now that York is out of operation and slowly this group will disband. Unfortunately many members still stand behind York, in though belief he did nothing wrong. One member shouted as York was escorted out of the courtroom on Thursday, “It’s not OVER!”  Lets hope it is and if not – we must continue to keep an eye on this potential devastating group.

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