Have you had a Paranormal Experience?

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Please choose one to each following question.

1.Have seen a ghost?   Yes   No   NS (not sure)

2. More than once? Yes   No   NS

3. Ghost Visitations in Dreams? Yes   No   NS

4. Popping sounds either waking up, going to sleep? Yes   No   NS

5. Dreams that come true? Yes   No   NS

6. Dreams of being taught by or comforted by a deceased loved one? Yes   No   NS

7. Disaster dreams of earth changes, quakes, floods, only to have them come true? Yes   No   NS

8. Think about someone, then they contact you within a short time? Yes   No   NS

9. Feelings or other hunches that pan out? Yes   No   NS

10. Have you ever had a an unexplainable psychic experience? Yes   No   NS

11. Feel like you are being watched frequently? Yes   No   NS

12. Experienced Poltergeist activity, objects moving, doors slamming, etc.? Yes   No   NS

13. Do you feel you have psychic or ESP ability? Yes   No   NS

14. See streetlights burn out often or have other electrical anomalies? Yes   No   NS

15. Do you have sleep disorders? Insomnia? Yes   No   NS

16. Abnormal fear of the dark? Yes   No   NS

17. Have you taken photos of any paranormal event? Yes   No   NS

18. Willing to share photo's on the MAAR website Yes   No   

19. Have you had a past problem with drugs, or alcohol? Yes   No   NS

20. If drug or alcohol use changed significantly (meaning more or less consumption) please explain briefly.

33.Your Gender?

32. What's your racial background?

33. If you believe your race or ethnicity contributes to your paranormal experiences, please explain briefly. 

34. How old are you?

35. How did you find MAAR web site?



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