Photographic Evidence on MAAR


 Photographic Evidence on MAAR

"We all know UFOs are real. All we need to ask is where are they from."

 -Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 1971



ev·i·dence (µv"ą-d…ns) n. 1. A thing or things helpful in forming a conclusion or judgment. 2. Something indicative; an outward sign. 3. Law. The documentary or oral statements and the material objects admissible as testimony in a court of law. --ev·i·dence tr.v. ev·i·denced, ev·i·denc·ing, ev·i·denc·es. 1. To indicate clearly; exemplify or prove. 2. To support by testimony; attest. --idiom. in evidence. 1. Plainly visible; to be seen. 2. Law. As legal evidence.

All photos used have been scrutinized by a professional photographer with over 40 years of experience. In the case of the 'Mainr File' both photos and negatives were closely examined. In the case of the Nichols file, the photo analysis was done on photos and I know Mr. Nichols personally to be an honest upstanding individual. 





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