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Steve Nance Bio

Steve has been researching the subject of UFOs and Alien Abduction for over the last 35 years. He has been personally involved in a multi-witnessed abduction, which included aspects of missing time and missing distance. He has observed three multi-witnessed nocturnal UFO sightings and a day time UFO sighting. As a field investigator - he has interviewed sighting eyewitnesses and reported abductions throughout the mid-west. 

Steve has had the pleasure of discussing these topics with some of the most renowned investigating Ufologist in the field, including Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He has appeared on many mid-western Radio and Television Talk shows; and fielded questions from their listening and viewing audiences. Steve is a disabled Viet VET and was in the United States Air Force. While there, he held a 'Top Secret' security clearance and was an electronics technician involved with 'Electronic Warfare Projects' and 'Electronic Countermeasures Systems', both ground based and airborne. He was a fighter pilot debriefer in Vietnam and has heard firsthand accounts of reported 'unknowns' by military flight personnel. Steve received a pilot's license in 1969 after graduating from an accredited mid-western flight school and has since logged several hundred hours of flight-time.

Steve has done radio and TV to add to his accolades and is very honest in his opinions.

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