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"I must say that if listeners could see for themselves the mass of reports coming in from the airborne gendarmerie, from the mobile gendarmerie, and from the gendarmerie charged with the job of conducting investigations, all of which reports are forwarded by us to the National Center for Space Studies, then they would see that it is all pretty disturbing."

 - M. Robert Galley, French Minister of Defense, interviewed on radio by Jean-Claude Bourret, February 21, 1974.

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Account Diary 1998

Colleen Johnston


On February 24, 1998, while traveling home from a birthday celebration in Memphis, TN, a friend and I realized we had lost well over an hour of time. We had left Memphis,  to go over to the casinos in Mississippi around 4 p.m. and left at 12:12 a.m. to make the 3-hour trip home. I was kidding around, saying we needed to watch the time because there was this bright orange object off in the distance to our southeast that didn't look like a plane and wasn't in the direction of Venus.  We were tired but completely coherent when we left the casino, neither of us drink alcohol nor use drugs of any kind.  

At tops, even if we were driving slower than usual, the trip should have put us back at by no later 4:15 a.m. That would account for one 15-min stop to get gas, freshen up and switch drivers, which is exactly what we did. Except the stop didn't take more than 10 minutes. It was 1:10 am when we pulled in to fill up.

My friend abruptly became very tired and asked me to drive. We pulled into the truck stop; gassed up, got a couple of sodas and hit the road. I remember pulling onto the nearly desolate interstate, laughing and seeing bright headlights in the rearview. Then unexpectedly being shaken up, and being by a construction retainer wall well down the road from where we were with bright lights blinding me from a truck on our tail. My friend was trying to calm me down because I thought the truck had bumped us and was going into a panic attack. We both felt the sensation of being dropped or bumped as we came to full consciousness. Neither of us could remember anything after pulling on to the road. Still shaken, I pulled over to let her drive that took less than two minutes. As we pulled into our town, I looked at my watch; it was 5:40 am!

The following day, I felt as though I was coming down with flu like symptoms. I was very dizzy, nauseated together with feeling an odd agitation. My friend also didn't feel well, and woke up with slight sunburn to her skin the next day that totally upset her. We got together to figure out how much time was missing from us. The best estimate is, we would have had to drive between 40 and 50 mph the entire trip to account for the one hour and twenty minute time loss. On that stretch of interstate the limit is 70 and 65 mph for Trucks. From the service station to our city limits is roughly 135 miles then 3 more miles to my house. We both drive either the speed limit or slightly above. The mathematics just does not add up. At this point we both suspected a possible abduction.

Different Date With Same Person

One another occasion in June 1998 myself and the same friend experienced a sighting while driving on a desolate highway at 4:17 a.m. We pulled over to watch a large bright whitish orange object slowly rise in the sky. I thought when the first appeared that it was possibly Mars on the horizon until it began its ascension, and the direction was wrong anyway for it to be Mars. Then the other appeared, moving exactly the same way.  I remember something running around either side of the car as we sat there watching. I thought it was a small animal like a dog, but the odd thing is that the animal was up on it's hind legs, running. I panicked and told her to drive.  We pulled up at our destination at sunrise, not suspecting anything out of the ordinary. My friend doesn't remember the animal or my panic at this point. To our knowledge we didn't loose more than 15 to 20 minutes at best and we both felt odd, sleepy and drained for several days afterwards.

All of Steve Nance's information is copyrighted and cannot be used in any form or manner, neither electronic capture or copied,  without the expressed written permission of the author Steve Nance. To obtain permission email Steve at

October 6, 1977 Encounter

By Steve Nance © 1977 revised 2003

On the morning of October the sixth 1977, while driving back home to Kansas City from a two-week vacation in southern California, my wife and I encountered a UFO. During this incident we lost approximately one hour of time and several miles of road. The following is a detailed narration of that encounter.

  We were traveling eastbound on highway 50 through Colorado. It was a beautiful and clear starlit night (cloudless and moonless) with an outside temperature of around 40 degrees. We had both commented about how the clear and rarified air at that altitude seemed to make the stars twinkle much brighter than usual. As we drove up the western slope of Monarch Pass (which is on the Continental Divide) my wife and I started hearing motorists and truckers talking on our CB radio about deer on and along side the highway on the eastern slope of the mountain pass. Just an hour or so earlier we had encountered massive herds of deer all over and along the same highway near Gunnison Colorado. My wife poured a hot cup of coffee from the thermos, so that it might help us to stay more alert.

  As the car neared the summit of Monarch Pass (which is at 11,312 feet in altitude) I asked for a time check from a passing trucker who had been talking to us about the deer that he had seen on the road while he was driving up the eastern slope of the pass. He told me that the time was exactly 1:30am. My wife had a wristwatch and confirmed that it was indeed 1:30am straight up. I flashed my headlight’s high beams at the trucker as we passed each other on the summit of Monarch Pass and he flashed his headlights back at me in return.

  As we started down the highway on the eastern slope of the mountain pass, we soon came to a series of sharp and twisting curves in the road, which were marked with warning signs and 15 to 20 mile per hour speed limit signs. We proceeded slowly down the road for approximately one mile and through the last hairpin turn in the sharp curved section of road. After the last curve the highway goes almost straight down the mountainside to Poncha Springs and Salida Colorado. I knew this already because my family and I had frequented (almost annually) a near by mountain Reservoir and campsite all through my childhood years. My wife and I had also vacationed in that same area on several occasions since our marriage. I had been up and down Monarch Pass on 50 highway many times in my life and knew the terrain and highway fairly well for a person not from that area.

  As I rounded the last curve we saw many deer on the highway, only 50 or 60 feet down the road in front of us. The car was already moving slowly out of the curve and I lightly tapped the brake to slow the car even further. I flashed my high beams at the deer as I slowly approached them. They didn’t seem to notice that we were even there. I told my wife that maybe I should honk the car’s horn to make the deer get off the road, so that we could pass. She said that there was no traffic around and that we really weren’t in any hurry and that we should just stop to let them pass. I agreed and slowed the car almost to a stop in front of the deer, which were crossing the road in single file formation from the right side of the road to the left side.

  The CB radio had been totally quiet since talking with the trucker on the summit. Suddenly it began to make static and buzzing sounds. I tried adjusting the squelch and volume controls on the radio in an attempt to tune the static out, but it continued and became louder and even more annoying. I was slowly approaching the deer in the road and I thought to myself that I didn’t need the added distraction, so I reached down and turned the noisy CB radio off. I brought the car to a rolling stop only six or seven feet from the deer, when a brilliant white light suddenly flashed on enveloping the area.

  This light was the most intense white light that I had ever seen and I don’t think that I could properly describe it, even to this day. It’s purity of whiteness and intensity was nearly blinding. As soon as the light appeared the deer panicked and ran off the road. I turned my head to the left to follow the fleeing deer that had bolted off in that direction.

  These were White-tailed Deer, aptly named for the bright white underside on their tails that they use to wave to each as a form of visual communications amongst themselves and to signal situations of imminent danger. The tails of these deer were much brighter and more pronounced than normal, due to the intense white light that was reflecting off of them. Their tails were sticking straight up into the air as they ran, indicating in my mind that they had indeed become frightened by the sudden presence of this bizarre light. As the deer fled, I watched their bobbing bright white tails fade from my view and then disappear into the darkness; as if this enveloping light had a perimeter boundary like a beam of light might produce.

  The closest visual comparison that I can illustrate would be for you to imagine yourself at night standing on the ground in a field. Imagine that a police helicopter is hovering overhead and that you are standing in the middle of its blinding bright white searchlight beam. Now imagine wild deer reacting in sudden panic, bounding away from directly in front of you and straight out of the light’s beam and off into the darkness of night.

  At that moment I realized that the light was not only illuminating and reflecting onto the surfaces of the sparse trees (this was right at the timberline) and the huge boulders lining the sides of the highway, but that there were also shadows being cast behind these illuminated objects. Using the angles of these shadows as a reference, I quickly tried to calculate in my mind where this light source might be coming from. I determined that my first assessment was correct and that the light had to be originating from above and possibly to the right the car’s position. But, how far above and to the right of our location?

  The light persisted and having been in the Air Force it dawned on me that we were merely 90 miles or so from the Air Force’s NORAD (North American Radar Defense) Command Headquarters complex inside Cheyenne Mount near Colorado Springs; which would have been in a general direct off to our right hand side. The light was so intense that I immediately suspected that a nuclear airburst detonation had just occurred and I was literally waiting for the shock wave to hit us. I remember thinking to myself, “Oh, great! Here we are on vacation hundreds of miles from home and World War Three is breaking out!” I turned my head back to the front of the car and threw my right hand up in front of my eyes in an attempt to shield them from the intense light. When I did so, I was startled to see cartilage and bones through my illuminated hand as if it were being X-rayed.

  At this time, only scant seconds has passed (approximately three or four seconds) since the light first appeared and no nuclear blast had befallen us yet. My mind was reeling and I began to wonder if some kind of astronomical event (like a large meteor burning up in the atmosphere) was possibly occurring and brighter than normal due to the thinner air at that altitude. These thoughts were flashing through my brain in mere nanoseconds and my wife and I were absolutely too astonished and dumbstruck to even speak.

  Suddenly, in an instant, our car (with us in it) was somewhere else. I’m not sure how I realized that and maybe it was more of a gut feeling than anything else, but I knew we were not in the same place that we had just been mere seconds before. My eyes were looking forward, but everything looked black. Then my vision began to rapidly recover and I started seeing fuzzy objects appearing at the outer edge of my optical vision’s periphery. My sight became less fuzzy and began coming into focus, with the outer portion of my field of vision filling in towards the center of it, as if the scene was materializing in front of me from the outside in. A numb tingling sensation swept over me and I felt as if I had been drugged or stunned or just awakening from a very deep sleep. As the scene in front of me shimmered into something recognizable, I saw pine trees and a road fifteen to twenty feet below us.

  The car seemed to be moving slowly forward and descending onto the road. I tried to turn my head back to the left, but I could not get my head to turn. Out of the corner of my eye, in my peripheral vision, I saw pine tree branches going by. Oddly, they were not only going past the window, but up as well in a direction that would indicate that the car was indeed moving forward and down. I didn’t feel the car come into contact with the road, but suddenly it was on the road and moving slowly forward.

  At that moment, I noticed a bright eerie green glow reflecting off of the car’s hood and on the road in front of the car. I knew this light had to be originating from above the car. This time when I attempted to move my head I found that I could and I leaned forward craned my head upward and looked up with my eyes to try to see what was there.

  A green glowing object began to emerge into view as it moved forward from over the top of our car. As it slowly moved from over the car I couldn’t help but to think that it looked so much like a giant bright chartreuse green neon light. There was a luminescence about it that was completely indescribable. The object was bright enough to bath the immediate area brightly in its eerie green glow, but looking directly at this object I could see it clearly without causing my eyes to squint or to have any noticeable irritation or discomfort. The object made no noticeable sound.

  The object was now above us, moving down the road and in full view. It appeared that the center portion of this object was either not there (because that part was completely black) or was not illuminated. I am not completely sure, however I do believe that I did notice stars in the sky that I could see through this middle section of the object as it passed directly overhead. I estimate the object to have been approximately fifty to sixty feet in diameter and 250 to 300 feet above the ground. It’s darkened (or missing) mid-section was approximately twenty feet in diameter and gave the object an over all shape exactly like that of a fat inner tube or a doughnut.

  I was awestruck as I observed this glowing object.  It then began to gain momentum in the sky above us. Then after having traveled several hundred feet above us and down the road it banked sharply to the left at a 90degree angle and jets of flames began shooting from the aft end of the craft. It’s speed now picking up quickly the object shot up a mountain valley directly to the north of our position. My head turned slowly to the left as my eyes followed its flight. As it’s velocity increased a trail appeared behind it and in its wake. It reminded me of the wake a boat would leave behind as it traveled through the water. This wake in the atmosphere was as wide as the diameter of the UFO (around fifty feet) and trailed behind the object approximately 150 feet; where it then appeared to dissipate and collapse in upon it self.

  Located on the rear-half of the craft were seven equally spaced bright blue jets of flame. They flashed on and off together in sync at a rate of six to eight pulses per second; giving them an animated or strobe light appearance. These flames looked much like those on a gas range, with a bright white center portion and a bright blue outer portion of the flame envelope.

  When the flames flashed on in unison a bright green string of light (the exact same color as the object) would be produced and laid out in the air directly behind each flame for the duration of the time the flame remained on or visible. These green strings were approximately four to six feet in length. I do not know whether the color of these strings and their brilliance were their actual color or whether they were merely reflecting the color of the brightly glowing object from which they had just emanated.

  As these seven lines of string trailed behind the object they gave the over all appearance of seven elongated dotted or broken lines extending back three quarters of the way inside the length of the object’s trailing envelope. In the last quarter portion of the envelope the string’s brightness began to fade and they started tumbling and falling towards the center of the envelope where they disappeared. This is also the point at which the envelope trailing the craft ended.

  I continued watching the silent UFO as it began moving away from our position and traversing up the mountain valley at approximately 100 to 120 knots. Houses, trees, the valley floor, nearby mountainsides and everything beneath or near the object was bathed in its eerie green glowing light as it glided through the sky. Suddenly the UFO made another 90 degree left turn and disappeared behind a mountain peak and from my view. There was a great brilliant flash of green light from behind this mountain that lit up the entire sky, the entire Continental Divide mountain range and it surrounding peaks. Then it was gone and it was night again.

  I could hear my heart pounding in ears. My eyes were wide with astonishment and fear. My body shook from the adrenaline rush that surged through my veins. Then I immediately thought about the moving car that we were still in. I jerked my head back forward to see where the car was at on the road. It was in the right-hand lane and going only five to ten miles per hour. I quickly pulled the car onto the right shoulder of the road and stopped. I put the car in park and for the first time since the appearance of the intense pure white light appeared, I looked at my wife.

She asked, “What was that!”

I exclaimed, “Did you see that?”

She responded, “What was that bright flash of light on the mountains?”

I said, “I’m not sure, but I think it might have been a UFO!”

  She then asked, “Where are we?”

  I said, “I don’t know.”

  I flashed on the car’s high beams and could make out a sign by the roadside about thirty or forty yards down the road. I put the car in gear and moved slowly forward on the shoulder of the road towards it, so that we could make out what it said.

  I stopped the car again and put it back into park only ten or twelve feet from the sign. It read ‘Welcome To Maysville, Colorado’.

  I said out loud, “Well, at least we’re still on highway 50.”

  Then my wife said, “How can we be here? I don’t even remember going through Garfield!”

Maysville is located at the foot of the eastern slope. Garfield Colorado is about halfway up the eastern slope of Monarch Pass and built right along side highway 50. A large and prominent building and skiing lodge facility is located there along with many ski lifts and several little community shops. My wife and I had a running joke about Garfield that we had made up a few years before when we were vacationing in the area. I had gotten altitude sickness on that trip when I tried to dig through a snow bank that was blocking the road at 9,000 feet. I had overworked myself and gotten a bad case of oxygen deprivation, along with the severe migraine headache and nausea that accompanies it.

Taking a break from the work and trying to get my head back together, we got in the car and decided to take a drive up to the top of Monarch Pass and back. At Garfield, I had to stop the car and throw-up. That’s when we started calling it ‘Garf-eeeld’ (as if making a vomiting sound). From that moment on, every time that we would go through Garfield we would look at each other and exclaim, “Garf-eeeld!” (No personal offense intended to the good folks of that lovely community.)

We knew exactly where this was. I had been to this area many times in my life and so had my wife. For people who didn’t reside there, we knew this area almost a well as the locals did.

“Oh, my God!” I shouted

“What?” my wife replied.

I told her, “That UFO disappeared behind Mount Shavano, up by the North Fork Reservoir and campgrounds!”

I threw the car’s transmission into reverse and quickly backed the car up the highway shoulder. I brought the car to a stop just across from a road that I know goes to that location via several miles of unimproved and sometimes impassable road.

I put the car into drive, crossed the highway and turned up the road.

My wife yelled, “Steve, where are you going?”

I told her that I thought the UFO had landed or crashed up there and I wanted to go check it out.

“Please honey”, my wife pleaded, “I’m scared and we don’t know what has happened to us!”

I had known her for ten years at that point in time and I had never heard her sound so frightened nor seen her with so much panicked in her eyes. I re-evaluated my actions in my mind and came to the rapid conclusion that she was right. I stopped the car on the road and just set there for a moment.

I then asked her what time it was and she looked at her wristwatch and said that it was 2:35am.

I immediately replied, “How can that be possible? A minute or two ago it was just 1:30 and we were at the top of the pass!”

Then she said, “I’ll tell you what, Steve. Lets get some coffee and something to eat, then we’ll go up there this morning as soon as it gets light outside.”

I told her that was a good idea and I turned the car around and went back to the highway and proceeded eastbound towards Salida Colorado and a 24-hour truck stop that I knew was located on the highway there.

At this point she mentioned that she thought it was odd we hadn’t seen any kind of traffic since leaving the top of the pass and I agreed with her.

As I drove along the highway towards Salida, I thought about how fatigued I had suddenly gotten and how my eyes felt like they were dry and burning. I glanced at myself in the rearview mirror and saw that my eyes were indeed extremely red and bloodshot. We drove the remaining seven miles to Salida without uttering a word to each other.

Salida Colorado is a quaint and little town snuggled up at the eastern base of the Continental Divide and located on the banks of the Arkansas River. I had been to Salida many times when I had previously visited that area. When I was a child, my family would often go to a trading post general store there to purchase camping staples, food, ice, clothing, gasoline, kerosene, fishing licenses, lures, bait and tackle. The little town is basically geared for it’s tourism and tourist trade and the people there are very friendly. There are a few newer shops, stores, theatres and strip malls in the area and on the south side of town along highway 50; but all in all Salida hasn’t changed much over the years.

As we neared the truck stop we could see that the lights were not on inside and that there were no cars in the parking lot.  It was evident that it was not open. We passed the truck stop and I told my wife that I was going into Salida to see if there was something like a convenience store that might be open. I turned off of the highway and onto a street that I knew went to the town square. A few blocks and we were in the downtown area of Salida and on the east side of the square. As we looked around we still couldn’t see anything that looked like it was open for business. Then I spotted a police car that was parked on the west side of the square. There was exhaust coming from the patrol car’s tailpipe and the interior lights of the patrol car were on. I could see that there were two police officers inside. These were the first people we had seen since the incident up on the mountainside and I was personally relieved to see that they were police officers to boot. I told my wife that I was going to see if they could tell us what might be open at this hour.

We pulled up along side the patrol car and I asked my wife to roll down her window. The officer in the driver’s seat rolled down his window and said, “Hello, may I help you?”

I said, “Yes, officer. We were trying to find someplace nearby that might be open for coffee or breakfast.”

He replied, “Well, the only thing like that around here would be the truck stop up on the highway and it doesn’t open up for business until 6am. I guess you folks aren’t from around here.”

I told him that I was a firefighter (which I was at that time) and that we were on vacation and lived in Kansas City. (Public Servants have a kind of brotherhood thing amongst themselves and I thought that it might gain me something to mention it to them.)

I asked my wife what time it was getting to be and she said that it was 3am. I then told the officer that we might go to the truck stop parking lot and get a little sleep in the car, until it opened up at six.

The officer then said that we should lock the car doors while we slept in the parking lot there and that he and his partner would swing by in the course of their rounds and make sure that we were okay.

I thanked him and then said, “By the way Officer, something very strange just happened to us up near Monarch Pass.”

He replied, “What was that?”

I said, “I think that a UFO or something buzzed us!”

The Police Officer looked over to his partner and started laughing. I thought he was laughing at my claim of seeing a UFO and I then wished that I hadn’t mentioned anything to him about it.

He then turned back to us and in a very ‘as a matter of fact kind of voice’ said, “Welcome to the club! Everyone around here is reporting seeing those things! It’s been going on for about two weeks now!”

I was literally too flabbergasted at his response to continue a conversation with him. I thanked them both, put our car into gear and drove down the street. My wife and I were both shocked at this disclosure. I looked at her and said, “Oh my God! Did I hear him right? That these things have been seen around here for the last two weeks?”

“That’s what they said”, she replied.

We arrived at the restaurant parking lot. I parked the car and turned off the ignition. As soon as I cut the car’s engine off, I became extremely fatigued. I looked in the rearview mirror and mentioned to my wife about how bloodshot my eyes looked and felt. She asked me to look at her and then she looked at my eyes and confirmed that they looked extremely red and tired. I noticed that although her eyes looked tired they were not as bloodshot looking as mine.

My wife said that she felt exhausted too and needed to sleep. I had a droning headache and chalked it off to possible oxygen deprivation. Then we both laid the front seats of the car back so that we could rest and get a nap. As I reached back with my left arm to unlatch and lower the seatback, the back of my arm hit against the retracted seatbelt buckle and I winced in pain. It felt like a sharp stabbing feeling on the back of my arm. I reached up with my right hand to figure out what was causing this pain. I felt the back of my arm and it felt sore to the touch. I lightly poked and squeezed the back of my arm with my fingers and I felt a lump under the skin there. At the time I briefly wondered to myself what this could be then I leaned back in my seat and collapsed into sleep.

Suddenly there was noise and commotion outside our car and I opened my eyes to see other cars and people gathering at the truck stop. My wife awakened at this time as well and I asked her what time it was. She said that it was 6:20am. We both commented about how much better we felt for having slept. I gathered up the thermos bottle and we went into the restaurant and ate breakfast.

Although this is the end of the actual account regarding the UFO and possible abduction itself, it is not he end of the ongoing strange and bizarre happenings that surround this encounter and that have transpired since that sighting. Little did I know at that time that I had gone through an event that (for all good, bad or indifferent intent) would change my life forever!

Beside the corroboration by the Salida police officers immediately following this encounter, their would be several other outside sources to substantiate that this event did actually occur, including: A military crash crew that was discovered combing the area around the reservoir campgrounds only a couple of hours following the witnessed explosion and crash of a UFO in that same exact area; The ancient Indian legend known as ‘The Angel Of Shavano’ that describes accounts of a spirit that resides in Mount Shavano and who appears at night to traverse the Shavano Valley; Newspaper articles and photographs of this object as reported by hundreds of people that appeared in the Denver Post and other news media sources and publications throughout the United States; Verification by several Local and County Law Enforcement Agencies; Numerous cattle mutilations reported at the same time and locales associated with coinciding multi-witnessed UFO sightings; My hypnotic regression in an attempt to recover memories of missing time and distance; Recent video footage of the same craft that I had witnessed and taken in the same geographic area; And the possible correlation of this geographic location in Colorado in connection with childhood family abductions. These and other aspects of the ongoing circumstances surrounding this encounter will be discussed in future articles. Circumstances, which I’m sure you would agree, might be considered more than just mere happenstance or coincidence.

When I began researching this issue after my personal encounter in1977, I thought that these kinds of incidents were extremely isolated. After twenty-five years, I am convinced that these kinds of encounters are occurring worldwide and may be involving a huge segment of our combined earthbound human populace. People worldwide are not only reporting being abducted from the highways and byways of the world in a fashion remarkably similar to my own experience, but there are thousands of reports that would indicate that they and their children are being kidnapped against their wills from the very confines of their own homes! The implications of this are staggering and recent research polls have indicated that there could literally be millions of people involved. I submit to you that there should be a more thorough and comprehensive approach by the world’s combined scientific communities in a genuine attempt to determine what kinds ramifications and consequences that these kinds of acts may pose to humanity. At the very least (if proven true) this would be the greatest and most significant discovery in the annals of human history. It could be extremely important to the future endeavors and welfare of all mankind.

All information is copyrighted and cannot be used in any form or manner, neither electronic capture or copied,  without the expressed written permission of the author Steve Nance. To obtain permission email Steve at

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