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I certainly believe in aliens in space. They may not look like us, but I have very strong feelings that they have advanced beyond our mental capabilities. "He said he was refused permission to check the Air Force files on UFOs and added, "I think some highly secret government UFO investigations are going on that we don't know about-and probably never will unless the Air Force discloses them."

- Senator Barry Goldwater

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UFO sighting over Hendersonville NC....anyone else see it?? 9/05/09

As a friend was focusing his camera on a rare to see red full moon, I noticed that an object that kept changing form spherical to an oblong shape was traveling at high speed above and just appeared to the far right of the rising moon.


It also was blinking in and out of sight, reappearing at a different altitude each time it came back into view as well as changing form. There wasn’t any sound, no other lights, just a brilliant white shape. It wasn’t very large; I could block it with my hand. My friend didn’t notice it at all as he was busy taking a picture of moon. According to current weather conditions are: Very stable and upper level winds calm as well.


Dew Point:

63° F


75 %


10 miles


30.14 inches Rising

Wind: Calm


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 Military Personnel Sighting near Phelan, CA

Driving from home in Wrightwood, CA to work at George AFB in a 2-door sedan with 2 co-workers eastbound on Hwy 18 between Sheep Creek Rd and Hwy 395 near Phelan, CA. Myself and other witnesses were F4-Phantom Weapons Control Technicians in the USAF. My eastbound view was of mountains on horizon with first glow of sunrise behind mountains. Weather calm and completely clear. 1st large oval rises up from directly behind mountains due east from me. Motion is slow, floating like a blimp or balloon. At first I thought it was a large blimp with a mirror-like exterior reflecting the sunlight (sun was below the eastern horizon during the entire encounter), object was extremely bright, yet had a distinct oval outline. After rising a few degrees above mountains object stopped all motion. Total time to rise up was about 2 minutes. Second identical object then began to rise just to the left of the first object. Second object moved identically to first, then stopped next !

to first at equal altitude. Third identical looking object then began to rise just to right of first object, at same slow rate, until it was at equal altitude with other 2 objects. All three objects remained still for about 2 more minutes. Very curious sight at this time, but all witnesses still thought objects were blimps. Right-most object then begins to rise slowly above others, stops completely, then moves from a complete stop to a point slightly above the horizon almost directly due south of us (visible out the right side of the car) in about 2 or 3 seconds then comes to a complete stop again. No acceleration or deceleration was apparent. Middle object then does exactly the same, stopping next to the other above the southern horizon. Third object then repeats the same exact maneuver. When all 3 were stopped hovering next to each other then all 3 objects slowly descended towards the ground until disappearing on the southern horizon. Objects retained their extreme brightness throughout the entire encounter, even when in a position !near thesouthern horizon where there was no sunlight to reflect in my direction. All witnesses agreed with each other not to speak of the sighting due both to fear of ridicule, and due to the fact that all of us were under orders to speak of any potential UFO sightings ONLY to our commanding officer (to my knowledge all AF personnel, including myself and the witnesses, at the time were required to sign a statement acknowledging the order upon enlisting in the AF).

Sighting occurred: 1978 near Phelan, CA reported by Rodger


Man And Wife Watch Brilliantly Lit UFO From Their House For Over An Hour:

  August 11th - Amazing account reported by a husband and wife, who watched a disk shaped object dart about the night sky near their house (close to the ‘Riding Mountain National Park, MB’) for over an hour! The object was observed to have bright blue lights spaced around its periphery and a large rotating red light (like a beacon) on the top of the craft. Although the object was reported to move in an erratic fashion (vertically up-and-down, horizontally from side-to-side and all variations of direction in between) it confined those movements to a relatively small portion of the night sky, which was located over the south-eastern part of the Riding Mountain National Park.

  “We watched this thing for over an hour until we just got tired of watching it. It was still there when we decided to go to bed.”


REPORTERS NOTE: The average UFO sighting time is approximately six to ten seconds. Reports of continuous UFO observations for over one hour are extremely rare. I am not saying that this report is false or that it may not be accurate; but rather that the report reeks of possible abduction as well. A couple, watching a brilliantly lit and highly unusual object cavorting about the night-time sky from the confines of their nearby home, get tired and leave this still ongoing event to retire to bed? I cannot imagine that.

    I would be watching, taking photographs (and/or videotaping), calling local and state law enforcement authorities, calling friends and any one else that I could get in touch with regarding the matter at hand. I suspect that most normal people would do the same. I certainly would not get tired of watching this spectacular event and would not even consider going to bed while witnessing such a startling and remarkable sight.

    The average ‘alien abduction’ is reported to be between thirty to forty minutes in duration. This would not only explain the extended length of this particular sighting, but the couples sudden fatigue (from sedation and post traumatic stress) and their decision to quit watching the object and go to bed. I will keep you posted if this ongoing investigation takes a turn towards alien abduction.


Black Triangles Seen Over Alabama


August 11th, 2004, Hoovers Bluff State Park, AL, 9:32pm:


    August 11th - Another black triangle with red and white lights was observed for several seconds near Hoovers Bluff State Park, AL at 9:23 pm. The object had four white lights and two red lights and all the lights were glowing steadily. The object was triangular in shape and had one white light on the front point of the triangle, with three white lights lined up in a row behind it and with one red light in each of the remaining left and right rear corners.


    “There were no green or red blinking navigation lights, strobe lights or headlamp type landing lights on the object like we are used to seeing on most all the aircraft that normally fly around this area and it was close enough that we should have heard engine noise, but this object was completely silent”, stated a reporting eyewitness.


    This person went on to report that the object appeared to be traveling fairly low, about 1000 feet in altitude, and moving from the Southeast to the Northeast at a fast rate of speed that was estimated to be around 80 to 100 knots. At arms length the object would have been about one inch in length, so it must have been a very large craft.

 (FOOTNOTE: See Steve's articles on UFO's the new article on the MAAR website about the history, the reports and eyewitness accounts and comments from around the world regarding these elusive black triangular and chevron shaped UFOs.)

UFO Report In North Carolina 

July 02, 2004 Hendersonville, NC  8:21 PM EDT

Wind currents:

Date Time Surface Air Temperature Humidity Air Pressure Wind Speed Wind Direction
07/02/2004 16:00 H 67.7 100 % 878 millibars 2.5 East (105°)
Weather conditions Partly cloudy, with light  rain showers in the surrounding areas.


At 8:18 PM, while watching music event in the downtown area of Hendersonville, North Carolina a small-motorized glider craft cruised over the event up at around 1000 feet, which brought everyone’s attention to the sky.  I noticed off directly to the gliders right was a large saucer shaped dark grey object literally suspended in the southern sky at about 5,000 feet above the ground. The object was multi witnessed, by approximately ¼ of the crowd, an estimation of 200 plus people who were observing it.  It slowly moved laterally towards the southwest that I thought at first might be a weather balloon or a small hot air balloon.  It suddenly vanished at 8:28 PM without a trace! Abject was traveling faster, once it moved than the wind speeds at that time and in the opposite direction moving south west from the wind. (wind was due east) The object could have been in the sky longer, but the passage of the glider brought attention to it. I think the whole crowd thought it was a balloon. This was an anomalous event - but there are unscrupulous people making and launching UFO shaped balloons. It is my hope this was not one as it drifted contrary to wind direction.

I called the Hendersonville Airport, (which is a small single engine, small jet aircraft airport) the following day and asked if a weather balloon might have been launched in the area or if there was a hot air balloon in the area. The person I talked too said they do not launch weather balloons nor was there a hot air balloon in the area. Because they have to know what is in airspace due to aircraft coming in and out.

Air currents for that day several hours preceding the event would have prevented weather balloons from nearby Asheville Airport about 30 miles due north (airport) away or Greenville, SC airport which is approximately 50 miles southeast. Any one else reporting this event or knows what the anomaly is – please email me with UFO report in the Subject area! Thanks

CJ webmaster@maar.us


Pulsing Object
 June 23, 2004 Lancaster, OH  3:00 AM EST
A red/pink pulsing object performing strange flight patterns.

On the morning of June 23, my girlfriend and I were heading up Rt. 33 North in Southern Central Ohio, about two or three miles south of Lancaster. She was the first one to notice the object, then myself. It was just a speckle of light in the sky, starting off as a pinkish light then pulsing to red. The object would have appeared like a normal aircraft, except that this one slowed down to almost a stop then sped up again. We watched it for maybe 20-30 Seconds before it abruptly disappeared.


Orb Sighting

June 22, 2004 Buffalo, NY about 1:00 am EST 

 I watched 2 objects fly from east to west. Much faster than the speed of commercial jets and military jets are a rarity in this area. Also, no sound was heard. At first I thought it was a satellite, but I noticed a second object flying parallel with the first. I thought it odd that 2 satellites would fly in such proximity, when they moved farther apart, then closer together, then farther apart, then made a 45 degree turn to the South.


St Louis MO Sighting

June 16, 2004 at 6:05 PM CDT

Initially saw cross 2 long cylinder shaped vehicles descending from west to east direction over St. Charles, Mo. area. They let out a loud roar as they passed overhead. They were headed for the Mo. River area about 1000 feet in the air. One was ahead of the other by about 30 seconds and both had lights that seemed to be flashing in synchronization. Everyone in the neighborhood saw this.

UFO description: We were pulling our boat upstream on the Missouri River and saw a strange and long cigar shaped vehicle pass overhead. We  noticed other people on the shore starring upward as the vehicle let out a deafening roar. I noticed that it had lights extended out at the end of sections extending off the main body of the vehicle. The vehicle was close enough to see windows all along it's shape. Bright white light shone out of the windows. The  ship was about one and a half times as long as a a barge. Before we could get a fix on it, it was gone from our sight. Everyone on the boat was excited and trying to describe what they saw to the others. Just then another passed overhead and as we stood in amazement another one of these ships passed overhead. Looking straight into it's enormous belly we saw three openings in its bottom. Out of each one of these openings we saw an extension that seemed to be probing us. After this event we have all gotten very sick and have been bloated with swelling in our ankles. I myself went to the Dr. today and he said that I have edema with large levels of dihydrous oxide in my body.  

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Past  UFO  Sighting Reports



Lee's summit UFO Sighting

August 14, 2003: 11:30 pm 
A couple driving in Lee's Summit, MO spotted a diamond-shaped craft with red, green, and white lights moving back and forth at the front and back tips of the diamond.  No wings and no tail, and no visible windows, although it was dark and they might not have been seen from the car. Traveling from East to West at approximately 400 - 500 feet at a slow rate of speed (100 mph or less).  Estimated size to be 3x a 747. 
Interesting note: the 5 year old child with the couple saw the craft and asked "Mommy, are there aliens inside that?" -- even though the adults had not mentioned anything - just pulled over and stopped to watch it.
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Angola, New York United States Triangle UFO Report

Atmospheric conditions: slight breeze, clear Weather, not one cloud in the sky. Wind direction: North
January 2002 11:30 PM ET Craft Type: Triangle shaped 

Submitted by Dan danman896@hotmail.com

UFO description: I was having trouble getting to sleep, so I got up and looked out my window out of boredom. I saw a black triangular shaped object go by at a pretty fast pace in the sky. It had three lights, each at the triangles edges. The lights were red, white, and blue/green in color. I don't remember much since it was such a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure the craft made little if no noise at all. 


California, USA vivid blue lights  Early Dawn Sighting

Atmospheric conditions: slight breeze September, 3 1998, 6:00 AM MT

Not positive what type it was -as we were unable to see it clearly but we both think was shape of the earth.

Submitted by Dustin Gray graydust2@hotmail.com

My story starts out with me an my friend Keith. When we were young we used to sneak out of the house at night, an go hiking in seven hills in the Hemet area where there was a old broken down house with no roof on it. When I was young I believed (and still do believe) there is life on other planets. I figured that since light travel at a high velocity an goes billions of miles maybe just maybe I could contact someone from another planet so I did just that I got a flash light an started to flash it at the sky. 


My friend was at the time a disbeliever of UFO’s but he was willing to learn something knew, we made a little clubhouse in the old abandoned house. So after we made our little clubhouse (as kids do) we made a fire in the old abandoned house. I left my flashlight on in the middle of a field next the old house. After having fun with the clubhouse that we built, we decided that it was getting early so we decided to get going back as we were walking back and after I picked up my flashlight! we saw something so awesome that we froze in our shoes. What we saw was this blue light in the upper atmosphere that at first glace it was stationary it then turn into the earth as if we were looking at it from the moon (or as if it was off in the horizon). The blue light then shut off an it was as if the clouds want into itself (at this point we were in awe! from what we just saw) an the light dissipated with no sound at all not even a sonic boom, an to this day I remember (not even the government can make me forget) what has happened!    

(Point to those in the government trying to hide the truth) understand that the government will always believe that people are stupid. And they want people to think that the public is stupid (they are wrong we do know an until they understand that we know the few of us that have seen the truth we will not be silenced by there threats.

Furthermore if we as a people want to understand our selves we must understand that there is other life out there and that we must work together not apart an that people do not have the right to judge others we must judge ourselves in our own wrongs an change what wrongs we have about ourselves an express our own judgments of ourselves to others.

Early morning delta land sighting Aberdeen, MS USA

Atmospheric conditions: slight breeze, clear sunny morning.

 Sighting Occurred September, 2001 7:45 AM CDT Craft type: Cigar Shaped 

UFO Description: It was a bright sunny morning in the fall of 2001. We were preparing to leave for school. As I approached the front door, I noticed that all 3 of my children, already outside, were frozen still looking skyward. As I exited the front door of my house, I too looked up. Right above the treetops directly in front of my house a polished silver cigar shaped craft slowly passed. It had a pointed front nose and body much like the body of an airplane but had no wings or rudders. The only things visible were outlines of door and window-like indentions. It made no sound. It glided past us. I got the feeling it was sightseeing. As it passed we could see a bright red exhaust from the tail. We watched as it slowly moved east and out of sight. The skin of the craft was so polished it looked like sterling silver.


1994 Tri-craft Sightings

 by Colleen Johnston © 2003

Email: colleen@maar.us

Starting in mid  May and lasting off and on throughout the rest of 1994, triangular craft appeared frequently over the skies of the small rural Arkansas community of Wrightsville.  One one such occasion Tuesday September 7, 1994 myself and a friend were riding east on Pratt Road. It was  8:37 pm  when we both spotted above the southern side of the roads tree line what appeared to be a large triangular shaped UFO surrounded by a brilliant blast of white light, The craft was dark in color with a red light at each tip. we pulled to the roadside to watch the craft when another appeared farther in the distance. the larger of the two stayed stationary while the more distant object zigzagged through the clear night sky. 

Suddenly another craft blinked into view and another, then a final for a total of five. The four smaller UFO's moved at a high rate of speed sometimes appearing to cross each others paths. Each moved towards the large triangle, disappearing out of view as suddenly as they appeared. The larger craft, literally blinked out of view pulling the brilliant light out from behind it. The display lasted over two minutes, with no missing time involved. Colleens artwork below to give an idea what the UFO's looked like.

Triangular UFO multiwitness sighting

Earlier sightings of these craft, began in May, reported by other individuals, including a multi-witnessed report were several small triangular UFO's  were spotted west off Pratt Road, in central Arkansas the eastern sky at 9:30 pm on a  August evening in 1995

Did anyone else see this craft?  If so report it by clicking here!




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