Have you ever seen a UFO?

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    1. Have you ever seen a UFO?  Yes   No Not Sure 

    2. If yes above, did you get a photo or video or the event? Yes   No

    3. Was it a daytime sighting? Yes   No

    4. Was it a nighttime sighting Yes   No

    5. Were you alone? Yes   No

    6. Was the sighting multi-witnessed?  Yes   No

    7.If yes to the above,  how many people witnessed UFO sighting?


    8. Do you sky watch? Yes   No

    9. Do you believe UFO's are powered by extraterrestrials?  Yes   No

  10.  Do you believe UFO's are powered by secret military projects? Yes   No

  11.  Do you think you've ever had an alien abduction? Yes   No  Not Sure

Please describe the type of craft you saw below: 

  Please select your gender

 What's your racial background?

 How old are you?

 How did you find The MAAR Website??



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Seeing is believing! Make sure to watch the Peter Jennings ABC news documentary below! Click banner link for further information!


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