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Volumes one and Two are written Under the name 'Angelica Tapestra' which is a  pseudonym for a consortium of writers. The Series deals with unmasking illusion in all realms of the paranormal, Ufology, alien abduction research, including authors who are scientists, physicists, and people from all walks of life offering their experience in researching these realms. It is a basic survival guide for the new millennium, a must have knowledge base for anyone  searching out answers to the anomalies of life.

A compendium of Hidden Knowledge straight from the X-files and beyond. Except it's all fact!  From Scholars and experiencers, nothing is left untouched: NWO, aliens & abductions, mind control, mass control, covert operations, and spiritual awakenings! You make your own choice as to what's real or not real!

Volume One and Two include chapters from:

 Allan, Rayelan (California) Atchinson, Garry (Australia) Baaden, George (California) Bartley, James (California) Beckley, Tim (New Jersey) Bielek, Al (Georgia) Bowers, Nadine (Arizona) Bruce, Alexandra “Chica” (New York) Colaw, John (Kansas) Dr. Coleman, John (Nevada) Cooper, William (undisclosed) DeVeto, Theresa (Oklahoma) DeWalton, Alan (Utah) Farley, Peter (New Mexico) Finkle, C. Lee (Michigan) Gerstrom, Ole  (Denmark) Golgerth, Jan (Australia) Hanzel, Robert (Arizona) Hartwell, Barbara (New York) Hennessey, Andrew (Scotland) Hohnsbein, Ben (Canada) Izikson, Diane (Connecticut) Jones, Nicholas (Canada) Kruse, Neal  Owen  (California) Lorgen, Eve  (California) Martin, Rick (California) Mattey, Angela (Oregon) McCall, Marguerite (Nevada) Molloy, Nicky  (New Zealand) Montauk (Iowa) Morrow, Helga (Arizona) Morton, Sean David (California) Orwill, Dean  (Washington) O’Clery, Tony  (Canada) Patterson, Dana (Arizona) Pollaro, “Cassie” Linda  (Texas) Dr. Puelo, Joseph (Idaho) Relfe, Stephanie (United States) Rense, Jeff (California) Rivero, Mike (USA) Ross, William Dean (West Virginia) Simms, Derrell (Texas) Dr. Snow, Chet (Arizona) Galen Southard (California) Steadman, Kent (Washington) Swartz Tim (Indiana) Swerdlow, Janet (Michigan) Swerdlow, Stewart (Michigan) Van Toorn, Jan (Holland) Tros, Gerardus (Canada) Howarth, Dean (Australia) Verismo, Christi (Australia)


Volume Three will continue the tradition, Including new authors as well as  some of the past authors in Vol. 1 and 2, plus Steve Nance on Ufology and on alien abduction, Colleen Johnston on UFO channeling cults and the nefarious beings behind them. Other authors include Sandy Nichols author of Different Child on abduction , past contributors and close associates Eve Lorgen, James Bartley, byron lebeau Others include :  Sean Casteel, Scott Corrales, Alex Jones on ,  Jerry Smith On HAARP, Teresa DeVeto on the Media, the late Kent Steadman  (cover art, way to go Kento, wherever you are pal!)  and many others from the first two offing's.

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