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It was submitted by Collision (email private) on Monday, May 16, 2005 at 12:51:10

Alien Contact Verses Abduction

Creepy encounters-I was staying over at my friend Daniels house one night .I was abut thirteen. He lived across the road from my primary school in East Fremantle. We played around on his Nintendo for a couple of hours then i got hungry. He didn't have any food and his mum had gone out for the evening. It was just starting to get dark and the delicatessen was still open on the corner of the street. I decided to walk down to the shop and buy some junk food. On the way back from the shop i saw a tall figure, completely black in color run across the road.
It was not a human figure as it was extremely tall, i would say eight feet or so. And completely black in color. There were no distinguishing features except for its dull black color and misshapen head. I ran back to my friends house and told him. I was scared, and Daniel convinced me to go back outside because he didn't believe me. We went outside and sure enough, we saw the figure on the other side of the school oval. Daniel was creeped out but very curious, and i had the same feelings. we went after the creature (I'm not sure if it was an alien or not) and it just stood there like it was waiting for us. when we got a little closer we saw its features a little closer up, those tiny slit eyes staring at us. The creature turned, and with agility like I've never seen before, climbed over the school fence. I didn't know had come into contact with that night, an unearthly presence that has scared the &*^% out of me ever since.

Years later, I was in the car with my dad, driving "down south" with my Dad to a town on the southern tip of Western Australia called Albany. My Grandmother lived there and we were going to visit her. The trip between Perth and Albany is a long one, about a five hour drive, much of it going through bushland and farmland, with 1 or 2 towns along the way where we stopped. After stopping at the second town, merely a petrol station, we continued down the highway. I fell asleep out of boredom.

About an hour later, Dad (who was driving) woke me up and put some loud music on. The Rolling Stones...or something I can't remember.

Suddenly We heard a loud noise much like an aircraft, but were surprised that an aircraft big enough to make that noise would cross the road from Perth to Albany.
The noise got louder and in the distance I saw a large black shape coming towards us in the sky, from the west. It was shaped something like a bar of soap that had been in water for a while, oval in shape. It was dark, but there was enough moonlight to make out the shape. I pointed out the object to my father, who was driving and had to keep his eyes on the road. The thing that made me think it wasn't a plane was that it had no blinking lights on it, as planes usually do. My father slowed down and stopped on the side of the road. We turned off the headlights and the noise grew louder as the object approached us. This was definitely not the noise of an aircraft, but wed seen and heard all the "cheesy alien stories" and movies and were skeptical at that point. As the shape came towards us, we saw that it was no flying saucer... well it wasn't spinning and it had no lights on it, but had an eerie glow, much like when you put an object under a black light.

The noise it made was getting very loud, but there was no engine noise. It was simply the noise of a large object moving above us. Then we started to get a bit scared. We jumped back in the car and immediately drove away. The object was directly above us when my dad stopped the car and the brakes screeched. The object must have been about 400m above us, when suddenly we saw a wall of light come out of the bottom of it. It was as if it was scanning us or something, as it passed across the top of the car. The light was a color I couldn't describe... mauve like in color and very dim... almost infra-red but darker than that. The shape of the UFO (we had safely decided to call it this by now) simply passed over the top of us without stopping. We just saw its large shape float away and vanish into the dark violet sky.

When we got to Albany, My grandmother greeted us at the door of her house on the side of a hill. Without normal introductions, we jumped straight into the story of our experience.


It was submitted by Todd P. (email private) on Friday, May 13, 2005 at 19:25:56

Alien  Abduction

Hi my name is Hugh Phillips I'm from England.
I was out late one night on my way home when suddenly my car started acting weird and finally died. I looked into the sky and saw this bright light that was so intense I had to shield my eyes. The next thing I remember I am in a strange room with these beings standing all around me. My arms and legs were strapped down so I couldn't move. They were doing some kind of experiment...I think it was sexual. I think they took sperm samples to form some type of alien-human hybrid. The longer I laid there the more attractive the alien female looked (I think it was a female?). They then inserted some type of tracking device I dunno...maybe I'll be able to see my child one day. I can't get the alien woman out of my mind...it has gotten to the point where I don't find human women attractive anymore. If anyone has had a similar experience please email me. I wonder what they are up to??


I saw a movie the other night with some friends. It was called "Alien Abduction", but most of the film took place in a military hospital. It was a pretty good (although very low budget) independent science fiction film. Anyway, my friend told me that the movie was based on the true story of a woman who video taped part of her own real abduction. So my question is, does anybody out there know about this person or this movie and is there actually a video tape in the hands of government.


I need help, they've taken me all my life, but 2 nights ago was different. Missing time and a large incision at the back of my head which left a handful of dried crusted blood in my hair, but no trace of blood anywhere in my house or bed. Does anyone know what they did, sound familiar or anything? I am scared because they have never been so sloppy with their procedures and I have never felt this terrified, I feel a little betrayed because I trusted them.




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